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Cassette Beasts - Archangel Poppetox - Walkthrough - Part 4

May 5, 2023

In the fourth part of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough, we find another Underground Train Station and take on the Archangel Poppetox.

In this guide we will discover two new Captains, fight an Archangel and progress with the Landkeepers.

Glowcester Road Station

Glowcester Road

If you've been following our guide thus far, this will be the third Archangel we take on.


You can find Glowcester Road Station by heading to the incomplete Rock Formation in New Wirral Park.

You will need to move a rock onto the scorched earth; you can find one nearby in a pool of water. Once placed, you will be able to enter the Glowcester Road Station.


Inside, if you head to your left you'll come across three wooden crates. Move them out of the way and you can slip through a passage in the wall.


In the next room, you'll find three red tiles. You'll need to carry one of the wooden crates from the previous room to put on one of the tiles; you should stand on the third and it will unlock the gate at the top of the room.


You'll enter a cave and notice a red switch on your left. You can find a wooden crate at the top of the room to place on it. This will activate the wooden elevator on your left.


Here you'll find a green switch; press it to activate the door at the north of the cave. Enter it.


Head forward and press the green switch at the top of the room. Then climb up the rocks on the right side of the room to find another green switch; this will activate the wooden bridge.


Cross the bridge and you'll find another green switch. This will activate the Treasure Chest at the center of the room. Opening will send you into a battle; defeat the monster you'll get your rewards:

  • Machine Part
  • Astral Resistance
  • Wheat x16
  • Snakeskin Tape


Head back to the main station room of the Glowcester Road Station and speak to the Magikrab to turn the station into a Quick Travel destination.


Head to the right and you'll come across three ticket machines. You can use the one on the right by using the Machine Part you just found. This will give you a Train Ticket.


Use the Train Ticket at the barrier in the center of the room of the main room. Head inside to fight the Archangel...

Archangel Poppetox


Level 16

The Poppetox Archangel can be very tricky, especially if you don't have enough decent leveled monsters in your party.

The Poppetox Archangel is accompanied by two Effigy monsters; these cannot be killed. If you hit the Effigys, you'll deal damage to yourself.

What makes this battle tricky is that the Archangel Poppetox will switch positions every turn. That means you have to gamble where the Archangel is going to end up.

You should attack the two positions that the Archangel is not present as he is always guaranteed to switch.

On top of that, Poppetox uses his one-two attack that deals a lot of damage to both monsters in your party. His full AP attack is called Feedback that deals 70+ damage to all members.

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • Fused Material
  • Olive-Up!
  • Wood x23
  • Pulp x88
  • Plastic x9
  • Metal x5
  • Wheat x4

Landkeeper Autumn Hill

Autumn Hill

Next up is to take out another Landkeeper.

If you head to Autumn Hill, just before the Mourningtown area, you can jump onto the roof of the Landkeeper building.

Landkeeper #2


  • Springheel (Beast), Hopskin (Beast)
  • Springheel #2 (Beast)

The fight should cause you no problems. Beast types don't inflict any debuffs either, so it should be pretty straightforward.

Make sure to collect the Fused Material from the cabinet before you leave!



Next up, we are going to head to Eastham Woods to fight Captain Clee-O.


You can access this area by heading to the marked location on the map above; you'll need to use your Bulletino Dash to smash through the rock and whirlwind.


In this area, you can also find a Boltam; capturing it will teach you the Electromagnetism ability. You can use this to pull magnetic rocks towards you and also pull yourself up to hanging metal rocks that allow you to get over taller walls.


You can find Treasure Chest #1 by using Electromagnetism ability. First, find a metal block nearby and place it on the blue tile on top of the tower blocks.


This will cause the magnetism tile below you to move towards the green tile.

You can now use magnetism to teleport up to the green tile. Press it.

Green Tile

This will cause a new Green Tile to appear on your left. Pushing that will activate the red bridge in front of you, allowing you to cross over to the blue tile above the Treasure chest.


Place the metal rock on the tile and it will activate the Treasure Chest:

  • Neutralise
  • Plastic x4
  • Pulp x7
  • Water-Filled Tape


Now head towards the second red circle. You'll come across a Robot that needs a Coin to operate and you'll activate the quest Coin-Operated.

Treasure Chest

You can find Treasure Chest #2 nearby in a pool of water:

  • Wood x97
  • Critise
  • Wheat x15
  • Pulp

You can find the Coin at The Deadlands area, just below Autumn Hill.


If you head to the bottom right corner of the map, you'll come across Treasure Chest #3:

  • Plastic x5
  • Fire Coating
  • Wheat x5
  • Superconductive Tape


Head further down, and you'll find a Lever on a platform. Pull it to activate a Whirlwind a bit further back.


You can use this Whirlwind to then climb up onto the tall mountain and there you'll find the Gold coin!


Now head back to the Robot and put the coin into it.

The Robot reveals itself to be Captain Clee-O!

Captain Clee-O

  • Clee-O: Allseer (Metal), Triphinx (Metal)
  • Ranger: Masquerattle (Poison)

This fight is quite easy; Masquerattle will cast Gambit, which will increase the stats of the opponent massively. However, after 3 rounds, it will automatically be defeated.

All you have to do is outlast the rounds; simply build defensive blocks around your characters and you'll be good.

Check out the video below for how we did it:


  • Gambit
  • Fused Material
  • Upgrape

Captain Penny Dreadful


Captain Penny Dreaful can be found hanging out at The Deadlands. If you head to the same area where we picked up the Coin for Clee-O, you can make your way towards her.


You can open Treasure Chest #1 on your way by turning all four Magikrab statues to blue:

  • Two Heads
  • Plastic x3
  • Wheat x8
  • Pulp x3

For Treasure Chest #2, you need to find a wooden crate and rock to place on the red tiles in front of the treasure chest. You can find both of them on the opposite platform.


One of them is in the corner, near where you opened Treasure Chest #1.



The rock can be found further afield just past Captain Penny Dreadful. Inside the Treasure Chest you can find:

  • Metal
  • Critical Ap
  • Wheat x8
  • Plastic x2
  • Pulp x13

Captain Penny Dreadful Fight

Penny Dreadful

  • Penny: Skelevangelist (Earth), Djinn Entonic (Astral)
  • Ranger: Sanzatime (Earth)

Similar to Cleo-O fight, Skelevangelist will cast Ghost on itself, making it invincible for 3 turns, but then will perish after. If you can cast Berserk on it before it gets to move you can prevent the effect altogether.

You'll want to take out the Sanzatime as soon as possible as it will cast Dog Years, which increases the amount of turns Ghost lasts for.

Both monsters are of Earth type, so using Metal types can apply debuffs to it.

Penny's second monster is Djinn Entonic, which is Astral type. Metal, Plastic and Poison types all apply a debuff to Astral.

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • Ritual
  • Fused Material
  • Olive-Up!

And that wraps up part 4 of the Casette Beasts Walkthrough! We have now taken on 3 of the Captains, 2 Landkeeper Settlements and fought 3 Archangels- Progress! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments!


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The Poppetox fight isn't that difficult. Look to see which effigy is being hit by the spotlight, that is the one that Poppetox switches with. Focus your attacks on that location, don't do moves that hit all enemies, and it goes by pretty quickly.
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