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Cassette Beasts - All Learned Abilities - Bullet Dash, Glide, Surf, Climb, Magnetism

May 5, 2023

In Cassette Beasts you'll learn some brand new abilities such as bullet dash, gliding, climbing vines and magnetism by capturing special monsters in the world. This guide will show you all the abilities and which monsters you need to capture to get them.

There are five abilities for you to learn. Learning them will allow you to access areas of the world map that previously were inaccessible.

The five abilities are:

  • Glide - Mothwing Glide
  • Surf
  • Climb - Pumpkin Vine Ball
  • Bulletino Dash
  • Electromagnetism

Each ability has a unique monster you need to capture in order to unlock it. Check out the guide below for all the monsters.

Mothwing Glide - Dominoth


The first ability you'll learn in Cassette Beasts is the Glide ability called Mothwing Glide. It can be learned by capturing a Dominoth.


You'll automatically learn this ability as capturing Dominoth is part of the game's main storyline and tutorial. In the beginning areas, you'll want to pull this lever and a Dominoth will fly towards you.

Gliding has it's own gauge that depletes the longer you glide for. You can increase the time of Gliding by defeating Archangels.

Bulletino Dash - Bulletino

Bulletino Location

There are two common areas where you can find Bulletino. Capturing Bulletino will unlock the Bullet Dash ability, which will allow you to dash through whirlwinds and smash through stone blocks to unlock new areas.


Bulletino can be found in The Deadlands and Autumn Hill. This monster will charge at you if alerted.

Surf - Diveal


Diveal can be found in the center of the map on a small island. The monster is noticeable by it's diving helmet.


Capturing it will allow you to surf for a short duration; once your stamina runs out you return to your previous location. You can increase this by defeating Archangels.

Electromagnetism - Boltam


Magnetism allows you to pull yourself towards metal objects on the world map, unlocking various treasures and secret areas.


To unlock Magnetism, you need to capture a Boltam. You can find these guys wondering near Eastham Woods.

Climb - Pumpkin Vine Ball - Jumpkin


Obtaining the Climb ability is the hardest of the lot. This ability will allow you to climb up walls that have vines attached to them.

You will need to head to Piper Farm, where you'll find a small farm with Pumpkins on it.

Piper farm

Nearby, is a giant purple slime; interacting with it will launch you into a battle with a Level 40 Mega Jellyton Rouge Fusion monster.

Skelly Jelly

Defeating it, it will drop Skelly Jelly. You can then use this Skelly Jelly on one of the Pumpkins.


This will turn it into a Jumpkin monster, allowing you to capture it.


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You missed one. Averevoir Flight. If you record Averevoir during Barkley’s quest then you can get an extra glide boost, essentially giving you the ability to fly, given you have enough stamina. It’s a good ability, fly up to a ledge and use climb, it’s a good way to get around! It’s also essential to get over to Brokenhead, the sky island where you can find more of the companion’s monsters. (Sirenade, Brushroom, Kittelly, ect.)
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