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Cassette Beasts - Archangel Shining Kuneko - Walkthrough - Part 5

May 10, 2023

In this part of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough, we meet up with Felix, who has a special quest involving a Mysterious Catgirl as we make more progress on defeating the Archangels!

We also complete the following quests and tasks in this part of the walkthrough:

Quest - Don't You Want Me

Felix Map


Felix is a party member you can find hanging out at the edge of Eastham Woods. You'll notice a broken house on a cliffside where you can find Felix.

Talk to him and it appears to have found something he had been searching for. He tells you to meet him back at Harbourtown at his house.


Felix's house can be located on the west side of Harbourtown. In order to get there, you'll need to take the Upper Path, just outside of Harbourtown and smash through the block using your Bulletino Dash.

Felix House

From there you can access the west side. Felix's house is the blue one at the bottom near the water.

Felix explains the device he found is called a Zote Reel; a type of animated picture Felix has been creating. He wants you to help him find a creature for his latest work and marks it on your map; you'll be looking for the location of Cherry Meadow.

Felix joins your party!

Capture Diveal

You don't need any special abilities to get to Cherry Meadow, but you might as well pick up the Surf ability by capturing a Diveal. Diveal can be found hanging out on the sandy islands in the water just before you head to Cherry Meadow.


Once you reach Cherry Meadow, you'll be able to find a Kirikuri monster that you'll have to battle on your own whilst Felix sketches.

Mysterious Catgirl

Once the battle is over, a Mysterious Catgirl appears and protects Felix from being attacked.

Felix explains back at his house that the Mysterious Catgirl is one of his creations he created in his sketchbook.

The Mysterious Catgirl is named Kuneko and wants to find the four mysterious elemental shrines across the land. Looks like you've been tasked with helping scout them out!


You can find the four mysterious elemental shrines using the map above.

Each shrine requires you to have Felix in your party. You'll go up against a Fused monster at each shrine. You can do them in any order you like.

  • Bushmaw (Plant)
  • Scubalveal (Water)
  • Mutant Bulletino (Fire)
  • Domisect (Air)

On the last shrine, you'll come up against Archangel Shining Kuneko!

Archangel Shining Kuneko - Fight

Archangel Kuneko

Archangel Shining Kuneko - Type Astral.

If playing on normal difficulty, you'll want at least a squad of level 36+ to t ake on Archangel Shining Kuneko.

After the first round of this fight, you'll get the ability to use Fusion mechanic with Felix. You'll want to dive into that as soon as possible as Kuneko hits hard.

Using Plastic types will add AP Drain to Kuneko, slowing down her ability to use her ultimate move: Cosmic Kunai. As always, build defensive walls to block this move.

Kuneko can use Ritual, allowing it to come back to life with 25% Health. Make sure to consider this when going for a quick finish.

Double Slice can hit each party member twice, so you want to remain in Fusion form as long as possible to avoid taking these hits.

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • Fused Material
  • Plastic x53
  • Pulp x18
  • Wheat x7

Quest - Planting The Seed

Planting The Seed

Planting The Seed is a quest you can pick up in West Harbourtown. If you enter the house on the left of the town, you'll find an Anxious Ranger in the middle back room.

She will ask you to plant 14 seeds in the flower beds scattered around Harbourtown. You can see their locations below:


Two can be found in the immediate room you find the quest.


Two more outside the quest room.


Two more outside the Sticker stalls.


Two more outside in front of the Ranger's HQ.


Two more inside the Ranger HQ.


Two more at the top of Harbourtown.


Two more at the top of the Sticker Stalls.

Return back to the Anxious Ranger after planting them all, and you'll get the following rewards:


  • New Leaf
  • Fused Material
  • Basic Tape
  • Wheat

Captain Wallace

Captain Wallace Map

Captain Wallace is the first Captain on your list that you need to beat to become a Ranger in Cassette Beasts. He can be found hiding out at New Wirral Park.


To reach Captain Wallace, you'll need the Electromagnetism ability. On the west side of New Wirral Park you'll find a hanging magnetic block; using Electromagnetism you can pull yourself up onto the wall and then head over to find Captain Wallace.

Captain Wallace

Captain Wallace Fight

  • Captain Wallace: Traffikrab (Plastic), Lobstacle (Plastic)
  • Construction Worker: Traffikrab (Plastic)

As ever with these Captain challenges, you'll want to take out the Construction Worker Traffikrab first so that you set the fight up to be 2v1.

Traffikrab are Plastic Type, so you'll want to use Earth or Fire types to debuff them. Lobstacle is the upgraded version of Traffikrab, but you shouldn't have too much trouble taking them out.


  • Elemental Wall
  • Fused Material
  • Upgrape

Landkeeper #3

Hopefully you've been keeping up with the Landkeeper tasks too! We've got another one, which can be found in the top-right of the map called the Mire sea.

Mire Sea

You'll need the Electromagnetism ability to reach this area; it also helps to have the Surf ability so you don't reset if you fall and hit the water.

In the sea are a collection of rocks; the only way to reach them is to use Electromagnetism to pull yourself up out of the sea and onto the rocks.

Mire Sea

You can only enter Landkeeper houses from the roof hatch; head to your right and glide over to the taller rocks. Pull the Lever to create a whirlwind that will place you on the tallest peak, allowing you to glide onto the roof.


  • Landkeeper: Pawndead, Kingrave
  • Landkeeper: Pawndead, Queenyx

These monsters are all of Earth type, which have no types that can debuff them, so you're just going to have to power your way through for these.

After the fight, make sure to collect the Fused Material from the cabinet before you leave!

That wraps up part 5 of the Cassette Beasts Walkthrough! Let us know if you have any tips or tricks in the comments!


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