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Cassette Beasts - All Landkeeper Locations

May 22, 2023

Landkeepers are dotted all around New Wirral and with this guide you can find all their locations to defeating them. You'll learn about Landkeepers when you take on the quest Acting On Your Best Behavior and meet Eugene.

Landkeepers are a strange bunch; they are focused on selling properties in New Wirral and they have several office locations on the map that you can find. Each office requires you to enter from the roof and inside you'll battle two Landkeepers.

The story is part of Eugene's backstory and allows you to use Fusion with him once completed.

Landkeeper Locations

Landkeeper Locations

Use the map above to find all the Landkeeper Locations.

Once you defeat all the Landkeepers, you'll be given special access to the Landkeeper Headquarters. And it turns out there is a special boss waiting for you...

Archangel Mammon

Archangel Mammon

Level 50

To take on this Archangel you will need Eugene in your party; he might be a lower level than you if you haven't kept him in your party for very long. If that's the case, you can either use your Olive-Ups or do a few battles to get him nearer your level.

You'll start this battle off with an auto-fusion with Eugene.

Mammon likes to use buffs on itself to raise it's attacks, so taking damage from it can be quite devastating. If you can cast Defensive Walls with Echolocation, this can be a great way to preserve HP.

Status effects are very important in this fight; casting Burn, Leech and Poison all can do a job for you whilst you defend against incoming attacks.

Mammom will also summon several Jourmagold monsters to fight by it's side. If you have multi-target attacks like Sonic Boom or Torrent, then can help cut them down.

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • Fused Material
  • Olive-Up!
  • Materials



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