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Chilling Reign Booster Pack Openings

November 7, 2023

The Chilling Reign Pokemon TCG set has been out for a few months now, having been released on June 18th 2021. Today we're going to be opening up some Chilling Reign Booster Packs; are the pull-rates as terrible as everyone says? Can you make your money back by buying single boosters? Let's find out!

Chilling Reign is a set with 233 cards; of these 233 there are 35 secret rare cards and as of the time of writing this, four of them are currently going for prices above $100.00.

Investing in Pokemon TCG cards has been a huge topic around the internet since the revival of the game during 2020 and into late 2021. The revival caused shortages all across the world, making card prices go through the roof.

Chilling Reign hasn't had any of those issues, mostly due to the fact the set was printed in huge quantities. The hype for Pokemon Cards has also dwindled down a bit too.

That being said, many fans of the Pokemon TCG have noted that Chilling Reign seems to have very difficult pull-rates. This means you need to open more packs in order to get the rarer cards, leaving many fans feeling frustrated.

There are some great chase cards in this set. The Best Pulls For Chilling Reign include the alternative Moltres V full art card, the secret rare golden Snorlax and the Blaziken VMAX.

Chilling Reign Booster Pack Openings

Today we've picked up 15 Chilling Reign Booster Packs. Using our special booster pack opening tool, you can see the pulls we have gotten below, along with the price of each individual card. Whilst we didn't nessicarily buy these packs to make money, it's always interesting to see how much your pulls are worth at the end of a session.


Purchasing these packs at MSRP, which is around $4.00 per pack means we spent $60.00. Our top pulls include:

As you can see, we didn't make our money back or even get close to break-even. Most of the cards in Chilling Reign go for under $0.50 so you really need to be hitting the big hitters to make your money back. A Booster Box can offer more value if you can get it below the MSRP of $140-$150 USD.

It seems you're better off buying the individual chase cards if you want to spare your wallet any pain when collecting the Chilling Reign set.

If you're investing, this set is definitely not a quick flip; a lot of luck is needed to make a quick profit. Holding sealed product might be the way to go with Chilling Reign; but again, it has been heavily printed so it's going to be a long hold.

Let us know in the comments how many packs you've opened and what your experience with the Chilling Reign pull rates are.

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