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How much does it cost to complete Pokemon TCG: Pokemon 151 Master Set?

December 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to complete Pokemon TCG 151 Master Set? There are over 200 cards in Pokemon 151 and pulling all those special illustration rares can get costly.

We've created a breakdown of all the costs for completing the Pokemon 151 Master Set. A Master Set refers to collecting every single card in a set, including the reverse cards!

We then check the price of each card on third-party marketplaces and come up with a total cost. This page may get outdated after a while, so make sure to check the latest prices for each card yourself in our Pokemon 151 Card List database.

Pokemon TCG Pokemon 151 Rarity Breakdown

Before we check the total cost, it's a good idea to take a look at how many rare cards we are going to need to purchase. In Pokemon TCG, the most expensive cards are usually the holo and secret rare cards and these are the ones that are going to cost us the most money.

There are a total of 360 cards in Pokemon TCG Pokemon 151, including 153 Reverse Cards.

If you're looking to complete the Pokemon 151 Master Set, you're going to have to collect every reverse card as well! The prices on reverse cards usually less than $1 each, but when there are hundreds to collect, it soon adds up!

Rarity Total Amount
Hyper Rare 3
Special Illustration Rare 7
Double Rare Holo 12
Ultra Rare 16
Illustration Rare 16
Rare Holo 25
Uncommon 62
Common 66
Reverse Cards 153

Pokemon TCG Pokemon 151 Master Set Cost


Below we've estimated the total cost of collecting the master set of Pokemon TCG Pokemon 151 when you buy each card separately. A Master Set refers to collecting all cards available in the set, including the reverse cards.

The prices of each card are based on third-party marketplace data and are subject to change over time. The price of this set was calculated on 15th December 2023


$881.19 is the cost it takes to complete a Pokemon 151 Master Set when buying each card individually based on the prices of 3rd party marketplaces. Don't forget to factor in shipping costs too!

Let's look at the rarity cost breakdown (includes reverse cards)...

Rarity Total Cost
Hyper Rare $18.39
Special Illustration Rare $313.03
Double Rare Holo $21.71
Ultra Rare $197.55
Illustration Rare $232.67
Rare Holo $28.73
Uncommon $41.05
Common $28.06

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Pokemon TCG Pokemon 151 Most Expensive Cards

The most expensive cards in Pokemon 151 set at the time of writing this article (15th December 2023) are below. For the most up-to-date price, check out the Pokemon 151 Set List

Charizard EX

Charizard EX


Special Illustration Rare

Blastoise EX

Blastoise EX


Special Illustration Rare

Venusaur EX

Venusaur EX


Special Illustration Rare

Zapdos EX

Zapdos EX


Special Illustration Rare

Charizard EX

Charizard EX


Ultra Rare

Alakazam EX

Alakazam EX


Special Illustration Rare




Illustration Rare




Illustration Rare




Illustration Rare

Erika's Invitation

Erika's Invitation


Special Illustration Rare

Now let's look at the most expensive cards from Pokemon 151 by rarity...

Card Rarity Cost
Mew EX Hyper Rare $9.00 (Holo)
Charizard EX Special Illustration Rare $117.58 (Holo)
Mew EX Double Rare Holo $4.57 (Holo)
Charizard EX Ultra Rare $36.94 (Holo)
Charmander Illustration Rare $30.33 (Holo)
Gengar Rare Holo $1.37 (Reverse)
Scyther Uncommon $2.74 (Reverse)
Nidoran Common $1.82 (Reverse)


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