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Pokemon Booster Pack Openings - Vivid Voltage - Part 2

November 7, 2023

The quest to pull a Rainbow Rare Pikachu VMAX continues with more Vivid Voltage Booster Pack Openings! In part one of this series we managed to pull some great cards and make a profit on the cost of opening 10 Booster Packs.

The Pokemon TCG Vivid Voltage set is quite hard to obtain due to the fact the packs are in low supply because of the increase in demand of Pokemon Cards. During 2020 and 2021 the Pokemon TCG has seen a new surge in popularity, causing the prices are rare cards to sky-rocket.

Most of the packs we are buying come from Ebay- we are trying to find some in stores too but everywhere is sold out!

You can view Vivid Voltage Booster Pack Openings Part 1 if you haven't already seen are current pulls.

Below you can view the next 10 packs we have opened using our super-cool Booster Pack opening tool.

Vivid Voltage Booster Pack Openings

You can click on the Booster Pack below to see what we get and also see how much each individual card is worth.

Below each pack is a summary of their price when the pack was opened (21/05/2021). The price of each card is automatically updated using an API, so you can come back to this blog post in a 6 months time to see if the price of these cards has increased or not!

Hopefully we can collect all the cards in the Vivid Voltage set!

NOTE: Click on a Booster Pack image to reveal the card openings!

Card Type Approx Price
Exeggcute Normal $0.15
Exeggutor Normal $0.25
Charmeleon ReverseHolo $0.50
Wailmer Normal $0.15
Tynamo Normal $0.12
Eelektrik Normal $0.15
Clefairy Normal $0.14
Dusclops Normal $0.16
Chatot Normal $0.15
Cara Liss Normal $0.25
Total Pack #1   $2.02
Seedot Normal $0.12
Magcargo Normal $0.15
Pikachu VMAX Holo $29.99
Joltik Normal $0.15
Cottonee ReverseHolo $0.25
Hitmontop Normal $0.17
Mudbray Normal $0.10
Sandile Normal $0.10
Pikipek Normal $0.15
Trumbeak Normal $0.20
Total Pack #2   $31.38
Oshawott ReverseHolo $0.30
Zebstrika Normal $0.15
Tynamo Normal $0.12
Clefairy Normal $0.14
Chimecho Normal $0.14
Milcery Normal $0.13
Meowth Normal $0.10
Steelix V Holo $1.75
Hero's Medal Normal $0.20
Coating Energy Normal $0.43
Total Pack #3   $3.46
Dhelmise Normal $0.15
Charmander Normal $0.21
Darmanitan V Holo $1.52
Joltik Normal $0.15
Eelektrik ReverseHolo $0.25
Cottonee Normal $0.12
Mudbray Normal $0.10
Krokorok Normal $0.19
Chatot Normal $0.15
Rocky Helmet Normal $0.25
Total Pack #4   $3.09
Pineco Normal $0.12
Ampharos V Holo $1.75
Electrike Normal $0.12
Eelektrik Normal $0.15
Duskull Normal $0.12
Mudbray Normal $0.10
Poochyena Normal $0.10
Cara Liss Normal $0.25
Coating Energy ReverseHolo $0.85
Stone Energy Normal $0.50
Total Pack #5   $4.06
Skiddo Normal $0.10
Charmeleon Normal $0.20
Joltik Normal $0.15
Shuppet Normal $0.15
Clobbopus Normal $0.11
Mightyena Normal $0.15
Dialga Holo $0.89
Ferroseed Normal $0.15
Whismur ReverseHolo $0.25
Telescopic Sight Normal $0.31
Total Pack #6   $2.46
Kakuna Normal $0.19
Nimcada Normal $0.10
Wailmer Normal $0.15
Electrode Holo $0.88
Cottonee Normal $0.12
Drilbur Normal $0.10
Stunfisk Normal $0.15
Whismur Normal $0.10
Exploud ReverseHolo $0.62
Circhester Bath Normal $0.25
Total Pack #7   $2.66
Seedot Normal $0.12
Chewtle Normal $0.12
Cramorant Normal $0.15
Manectric Normal $0.28
Shuppet Normal $0.15
Riolu Normal $0.10
Sableye ReverseHolo $0.30
Metang Normal $0.15
Eevee Normal $0.20
Wyndon Stadium Normal $0.25
Total Pack #8   $1.82
Gogoat Normal $0.15
Flareon Normal $0.43
Slugma Normal $0.12
Blitzle Normal $0.14
Clefairy ReverseHolo $0.30
Milcery Normal $0.13
Wooper Normal $0.15
Sableye Normal $0.19
Beldum Normal $0.12
Stunfisk Normal $0.15
Total Pack #9   $1.88
Weedle Normal $0.15
Gogoat Normal $0.15
Wailmer Normal $0.15
Phanpy Normal $0.15
Rockruff ReverseHolo $0.25
Sandile Normal $0.10
Beldum Normal $0.12
Ferrothorn Normal $0.15
Toucannon Normal $0.25
Telescopic Sight Normal $0.31
Total Pack #10   $1.78
Total   $54.64

These were the prices of the cards in this booster pack when it was opened (21/05/2021).

Summary: TCG Cost And Value

As we did last time, we'll do a summary of the cost and value of each card and figure out whether this set of openings made us money or lost us money. The Pokemon TCG game has seen unprecendented demand in 2020 and 2021 causing the price of cards to go up. Above you can see each card price (current) and then in the spoiler below the price of the cards when we opened them (21/05/2021).

Booster Pack Cost: $5.67 x 10 = $56.70

All Cards: $54.64.

As you can see, this time round we didn't even break-even and we would have been royally screwed if we didn't pull the Pikachu VMAX. I think anyone who has ever opened Pokemon Booster Packs before knows the feeling of not pulling anything good in a session, so I'm actually happy we managed to get at least one good pull.

The search for the Rainbow Rare Pikachu VMAX continues!

LET ME KNOW: Did you enjoy this type of blog post? If you'd like to see more Booster Pack Openings, comment below and we can schedule some more! This is a new type of content so I'm not 100% sure if people enjoy it or not so any feedback is appreciated.


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