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Opening PokemonCenter Celebrations TCG Elite Trainer Box

November 7, 2023

The official PokemonCenter website sells a special edition Pokemon Celebrations Elite Trainer Box and we've managed to get our hands on one just before Christmas! We'll be showing all our pulls within this post and give you a break down of opening this ETB.

If you don't know, Pokemon is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary and has released a new special set called Pokemon Celebrations. This set includes 25 brand new holographic cards and 25 reprints from fan-favorite sets, including base set Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur!

We've done a few opening of Celebration Products, including an Elite Trainer Box, Celebration Mini Tins and the Premium Figure Collection - Pikachu VMAX box.

Today we're opening the special edition PokemonCenter Elite Trainer Box, which can only be purchased through the official website.

Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box

Pokemon Center - Elite Trainer Box

The Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box is exclusive to the Pokemon Center Online Store. This Elite Trainer Box has a few differences to the original one:

  • Metal Dice
  • Metal Coin
  • 13 Celebration Booster Packs
  • 6 additional Pokemon TCG packs
  • A deck box

The original Elite Trainer Box offers 10 Celebration Booster packs and 5 additional TCG packs. So essentially the Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box offers you a few more packs to open and a few more upgraded playing pieces. The deck box is kind of flimsy and made out of plastic. Useful for storing bulk cards I suppose.

Back of Elite Trainer Box

Each Elite Trainer Box also comes with the promo Gold Star Greninja card, which you can also get in the original ETB.

Getting a hold of Celebration Products should be a lot easier now, with lots more stock being printed for fans. We're still trying to hunt down an Ultra Premium Collection but so far it's proven impossible to get without paying scalper prices.

Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box Booster Pack Openings

Take a look at the cards we pulled from the Celebrations Set below by clicking on the Booster Packs. We still haven't pulled the Charizard Base Set card so far- will we get it in the latest 13 packs?


Completing the Pokemon Celebrations set should be, in theory, one of the easiest sets to complete due to there being only 50 cards to collect! But with only 4 cards per Booster, its definitely is expensive to keep buying all the Pokemon Celebration Products!

Energy Switch

Energy Switch


Still no Charizard this time round, though we did pull a Gardevoir EX card, which we haven't yet got in our collection. Overall, the pulls weren't too bad, getting about the expected rate of pulls from the 25 reprint set (around 1/3 packs).

If you'd like to see more Booster Pack openings, let us know in the comments and we'll try hunt down some more Pokemon Celebration products!

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Love the opening loved it!! Good job!
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