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ENDER LILIES - Achievements

August 2, 2021

There are currently 38 Achievements you can obtain in Ender Lilies; these names may be different for their various platforms including PlayStation Trophies and Xbox Achievements.

This guide will display all Achievements and how to obtain them in the game.


Icon Achievement Unlock Notes
Purification Purification Purify Guardian Siegrid
Tenacity Tenancity Purify Guardian Silva
Blight Throne Blight Throne Purify Knight Captain Julius
Lamentation Lamentation Purify Dark Witch Eleine
Fury Fury Purify Gerrod the Elder Warrior
Resolve Resolve Purify Hoenir Keeper of the Abyss
Heroic Death Heroic Death Purify Ulv the Mad Knight
Separation Separation Purify Faden the Heretic
Purging Glow Purging Glow Obtain 5 Blighted Spirits
Light Light Obtain 10 Blighted Spirits
Liberator Liberator Obtain 15 Blighted Spirits
Savior Savior Obtain every Blighted Spirit
Left Behind Left Behind Obtain a relic
Relic Hunter Relic Hunter Obtain 10 relics
Collector Collector Obtain all relics
Lurking Filth Lurking Filth Reach level 10
Blighted One Blighted One Reach level 50
Ruined One Ruined One Reach level 100
Truth Truth Purify every Blighted hero  
Taboo Blight Taboo Blight Fully enhance a Blighted Spirit
The Abyss The Abyss Fully enhance 5 Blighted Spirit
Secret Secret Fully enhance the Umbral Knight
  • See our All Spirits guide for a list of Spirits you can collect.
  • You need to find all the Ancient Souls to fully enhance Umbral Knight
Refurbishment Refurbishment Attain maximum HP
  • By collecting Amulet Fragments and Amulet Gems, you can achieve a max of 200 HP.
Convergence Convergence Attain maximum Prayer Potency
  • Prayer Potency is increase by collecting Priestess' Wish.
Fretia's Will Fretia's Will Obtain Findings 24-28
Newly Anointed Newly Anointed Obtain Finding 45
  • See our All Findings guide for the location of the Findings.
  • Finding 45 is King of The First Age's Torn Note 1 which can be found in a hidden cave in Chapter Nine.
Expose Exposé Obtain all Findings
Outset Outset Reach 10 Respites  
Memorial Memorial Reach every Respite  
Visitant Visitant Journey to all maps  
Benevolence Benevolence Witness Ending A
Journey's End Journey's End Witness Ending B
Dawn Prayer Dawn Prayer Witness Ending C
Impaling Lily Impaling Lily Unleash the Spectral Lance's full power  
Falling Lily Falling Lily Unleash the Giant's Hammer's full power  
Carried Over Carried Over Obtain all Chains of Sorcery  
Latent Power Latent Power Enhance a Spirit for the first time  
Rebirth Rebirth Restore power to the lost amulet

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