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ENDER LILIES - Chapter One - Walkthrough

July 13, 2021

This is the first part of the ENDER LILIES walkthrough that will guide you through the beginnings of the game and to the end of Chapter One.

This guide will give you details on maps, monsters, items and skills to pick up along the way so that you don't miss anything. We'll also explain some of the basic ENDER LILIES concepts as you get started in the world of Land's End.

This walkthrough will be using the PC version of the game, so some controls may be different for you depending on what platform you're playing it on.

Ender Lilies - Start Screen

You begin your adventure in control of the White Priestess Lily, who awakes in a underground dungeon aided by an Umbral Knight. Before we get started with the game, let's run through a quick overview of the mechanics and how this action RPG works.

Ender Lilies UI

  1. In the top-left most corner is your current level. You'll increase this as you battle enemies.
  2. Next to that is your HP bar. Your HP can be increased by finding items throughout the game. If your HP reaches zero, you will die and restart at the last resting point known as Respites (your progress is never lost)
  3. Underneath the HP bar are little Prayer Symbols. Lily can use a prayer to regain her health. You get three by default and they can all be recharged at Respites.
  4. On the right is your mini-map. You'll be able to see a bigger version of this by pressing M. It shows all connected areas. A red dot indicates there is a path somewhere in the current map that you can use to find a new map. These are not always accessible in the beginning. A map turns Yellow once you have found every single point of interest in the map.
  5. In the bottom left are your skills. You can attach three different skills and can have two sets available to switch between as you navigate the world. You can swap and change skills at any point when at a Respite.

Ender Lilies Records

If you press the TAB key, you can view the menu. This shows you your progress so far, including your current level, how much Blight (EXP) you have, items you have acquired and time players. It's also a great way to access your Map in full.

Other Key Game Elements

  • Most maps you come across will be full of monsters. You can wipe out entire maps and they will only respawn once you have used a Respite. You can therefore do grinding sessions to level up by repeatedly cycling through maps and then resting again. Getting a good cycle can make leveling a lot faster.
  • Respites are areas where you can save the game, rest to change your skill loadout and heal up. Using a Respite respawns all mobs in the world. They also act as checkpoints; when you die you'll return to the one you last used.
  • Relics are special items you can equip to Lily that give special enhancements. You'll find these hidden throughout the world.
  • Spirits/Skills come from defeating Boss monsters. There are sub-bosses that give skills but don't progress the story.
  • Actions are obtained by completing the story (which usually means defeating a Boss). Actions allow Lily to do new mechanics, such as gliding or grappling.
  • Stagnant Blight, Furious Blight and Ancient Souls are collectable currencies that you can use to enhance your Skills.
  • Findings are notes which give background and story information; these are scattered throughout the world but don't offer any tangible boosts to your game play.
  • Leveling up increases your attack power (not your HP).
  • HP is increased by finding Amulet Fragments and Relics.


Key Notes

  • Findings: A1, A3, A4, A5, A6
  • Bosses: A7
  • Amulet Fragments: A3, A5
  • Actions: Guardian's Leap

Now that the key elements have been explained, let's journey on and find out where the heck we are. The map image above shows the route we'll be taking for this chapter and we'll refer to each map by the A# to help guide you.

You'll find the follow mobs in these maps:

Ender Lilies Mob 01

This mob will launch at you as soon as it detects you. Use dive to dodge it.

+4 EXP

Ender Lilies Mob 02
Shield Knight

You cannot damage this mob when attacking it from the font. Dive behind it to deal damage. Watch out for it's slow, but hard-hitting jab attack.

+6 EXP

Ender Lilies Mob 03

There are two forms of this Goblin; one where he does multiple slashes and another where he charges you and delivers on single slash.

+5 EXP

Ender Lilies Mob 04

The Banshee will summon a fire storm wherever you're standing, so don't stand still for long. If you get too close, she can also hit you with her Throwing Star.

+8 EXP

You begin at A1. If you check your mini-map, you can see there are two Red Dots, which indicate there are two other maps linked to us.

Immediately head left and you'll find a hidden pathway. There will be a note for you to pick up titled [FINDINGS] Statue Inscription. You can't go any further left as the way is locked until end-game.

Now head right to the next map A2. Here you'll find your first mob to fight, which we've named SLUG. It gives 2 EXP per kill and should be one-shot to kill. These ones don't attack back. Nice and simple stuff. Wipe them all out and head right to the next map A3.

The next map contains the same mob but this time it will launch itself at you, giving you 4 EXP.

You'll also be introduced to a Shield Knight that will block any attack in front. You can use the Dive action to avoid his stab attack and attack him from behind. These give 6 EXP.

Navigate your way right; you'll come across a running Goblin mob that will slash down at you with a knife. Dash forward to avoid his attacks. He gives 5 EXP.

Keeping heading right, learning how to do Jump down and aerial attacks. You'll eventually come to a [FINDINGS] Eleine's Letter.

Keep heading right and smash the crates to find an Amulet Fragment (Gives +5 MAXHP). Amulet Fragments are automatically applied to your character's MAXHP. You can use the Menu to check your HP.

Head right to your first Respite A4. Pick up the [FINDINGS] On The Blighted 1 note as soon as you enter.

Respite Overview

  • Fast Travel - You can use Fast Travel to teleport between Respites you have uncovered.
  • Spirits - These are your skills. Each Spirit you acquire gives you a different skill that you can equip to Lily.
  • Relics - These are items you'll find on your travels that give boosts and enhancements.
  • Enhance - Here you can upgrade your Spirits with items you have found.
  • Save - Save your game at a specific point - the Steam version of the game has auto-save built in.
  • Depart - Exits the Respite menu.

Head right to uncover [FINDINGS] On The Blighted 2. Pull the level to open the gate and carry on to A5.

This map has a few levels to it.

Head down to the middle of this area to find a Lever to open the gate. If you continue going right, you can smash through some wood and fight a Banshee. The Banshee can summon a fire whirlool and a throwing star- so be careful (8 EXP).

Behind her is an Amulet Fragment (+5 MAXHP). Walk back on yourself and you'll find a hidden area to your left that lets  you climb back up to the middle layer.

Now that you've opened the gate you can head forward. You'll find [FINDINGS] The Parish Way 1 just before the exit to A6.

You've found a new Respite. Use it to heal up and keep heading right to A7 where you'll find your first boss fight.

Boss - Guardian Siegrid

Guardian Siegrid Boss - Ender Lilies

Recommended Level: 2

Your first Boss Battle is against Guardian Siegrid. The first form has two attacks that you need to watch out for::

  • Chain Swing - Swings around a chain whilst standing still.
  • Somersault - Will jump towards you in a somersault fire.

You can get plenty of hits in when Chain Swing ends and once she lands with the Somersault. I wouldn't recommend trying to hit during the Chain Swing attack as it is quite tricky to dodge.

Once you deplete Siegrid's health, it will then begin the second form with a full bar of health. This new form may look scary- but don't worry, she has only three attacks:

  • Rush - Rushes towards you and then delivers a big swipe.
  • Swipe - A giant swipe
  • Slam - Slams down onto the ground

This mode requires you to utilize your dodge skill at the right moments. The arena is quite large, so you can run away from the Rush attack or time your dive-dodge right so that you dodge behind her. Overall this boss is quite easy, but if you need help, check out the video below!

After defeating the boss, Guardian Siegrid now becomes available for you to use as a skill. You can add this skill to your loadout via a Respite under the Spirits tab.

You'll also get a new Action called Guardian's Leap, which is a double jump move.

That wraps up Chapter One of ENDER LILIES Walkthrough. Hopefully this guide has helped you- let us know in the comments if you find any other useful tricks and tips that we might have missed!

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