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ENDER LILIES - All Findings Locations

August 2, 2021

Ender Lilies allows you to pick up Findings throughout Land's End that give story details to help understand the world and dive deeper into the lore of the game. These Findings are hidden and sometimes require specific Action Skills in order to reach them.

To make your life a little easier, you can use the map below to find the location of All Findings in Ender Lilies.

Ender Lilies - Full Map

Collecting all Findings will unlock the Achievement Exposé.

The table below shows the Findings location and what chapter you can pick them up in. In Total, there are 70 different Findings to pick up. You can view your own Findings collection from the in-game menu by pressing TAB.

All Findings


Finding Chapter Location
Statue Inscription Chapter One A1
Eleine's Letter Chapter One A3
On the Blighted 1 Chapter One A4
On the Blighted 2 Chapter One A4
Groa's Letter Chapter Two A8
Hamlet Scrawl Chapter Three B13
Hamlet Request 1 Chapter Two B11
Hamlet Request 2 Chapter Three B13
True Believer's Note Chapter Two B5
Coven Handbook Chapter Three C5
Lover's Letter Chapter Three C7
Tarnished Picture Chapter Four C10
Sorcerer's Note Chapter Three C9
Forbidden Text Scrap Chapter Seven H6
The Parish Way 1 Chapter One A5
The Parish Way 2 Chapter Two A11
The Parish Way 3 Chapter Three C14
Adherent's Letter Chapter Two B11
Proof Of Founding Chapter Six F6
The Next White Priestess Chapter Four D17
Defense of the Twin Spires 1 Chapter Four D18
Defense of the Twin Spires 2 Chapter Four D11
The Heirloom of Land's End Chapter Four D7
Fretia's Memoirs 1 Chapter Four D13
Fretia's Memoirs 2 Chapter Four D13
Fretia's Memoirs 3 Chapter Five D20
Fretia's Memoirs 4 Chapter Four D11
Fretia's Memoirs 5 Chapter Nine J2
Silva's Note 1 Chapter Four D6
Silva's Note 2 Chapter Four D9
Unfinished Note Chapter Four D5
Executioner's Vow Chapter Seven H1
Slip Of Paper Chapter Seven H16
Executioner's Missive Chapter Seven H9
Report from a Verboten Mage Chapter Six F3
White Priestess' Bastion Letter Chapter Five E21
Bloodied Note 1 Chapter Five E2
Bloodied Note 2 Chapter Five E7
Bloodied Note 3 Chapter Five E14
Monument Engraving Chapter Five E13
Note on the Castle Wall Chapter Five E8
King of the First Age's Diary 1 Chapter Six F7
King of the First Age's Diary 2 Chapter Six F7
King of the First Age's Diary 3 Chapter Nine F21
King of the First Age's Torn Note 1 Chapter Nine E22
King of the First Age's Torn Note 2 Chapter Nine E22
Miriel's Blighted Letter Chapter Eight I17
Verboten Domain Notice Chapter Eight I5
Faden's Archives 1 Chapter Eight I15
Faden's Archives 2 Chapter Eight I13
Faden's Archives 3 Chapter Eight I3
Faden's Archives 4 Chapter Eight I8
Faden's Archives 5 Chapter Nine I17
Faden's Letter Chapter Nine B17
Eleine's Diary 1 Chapter Six C18
Eleine's Diary 2 Chapter Six C18
Eleine's Diary 3 Chapter Nine C19
Hoenir's Diary 1 Chapter Seven H14
Hoenir's Diary 2 Chapter Seven H19
Hoenir's Diary 3 Chapter Five E10
Writing on the Wall Chapter Nine E15
King's Note 1 Chapter Six F18
King's Note 2 Chapter Seven F17
Julius' Book Chapter Six F11
The Deathless Pact Chapter Nine J5
Silva's Blight-Stained Note 1 Chapter Nine J1
Silva's Blight-Stained Note 2 Chapter Nine J2
Restoring the Aegis Curio Chapter Nine A14
Priestess' Castle Memo Chapter Six F15
Lily's Note Chapter Eight A13

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Hi, do you have a guide/walkthrough on where all the relic slots are? I have a nagging feeling I might have missed getting more slots. Thanks!
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