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Pre Order Pokemon TCG 151 in the UK!

November 7, 2023

Our pre-orders for Pokemon TCG 151 are now live and they're selling out fast so don't delay! Pokemon TCG 151 is set to be the most popular set of the year, bringing back fan-favorite Pokemon like Charizard, Mew and Alakazam.

We just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we now are accepting pre-orders for Pokemon TCG 151 set. The following products are available to pre-order:

We've been in contact with our distributors about reserving stock for this release and they've put out a warning that stock allocations are going to be extremely limited for Pokemon 151, so there is the possibility that stock won't arrive for release date. We're going to offer 100% refunds on any orders that we can't fulfill by release date.

Whilst we have put in our reservation orders for a modest amount of stock, certain products in the line are expected to be highly sought after and likely to be very limited.

Ultra Premium Collection

The most anticipated product is the new Pokemon 151 Ultra Premium Collection featuring Mew!

We have not put up pre-orders for this product yet as we are still waiting to hear back from our distributor on this line. Either way, we are being very conservative with the amount we put up for pre-order so as to not oversell.

Obsidian Flames

We've got Obsidian Flames to look out for on 11th August 2023 before Pokemon 151!

You can also pre-order the Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box and Booster Box- we shouldn't have any problems with this stock!

This is the 3rd set in the Scarlet and Violet series to be released this year.

Trick Or Trade Booster

And UK Pokemon TCG fans will be excited to see that this year we are getting the Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOster packs!

Each mini-booster pack contains 3 new cards for this special collection.

Last year they were not released in the UK, but you can now pre-order a bag of 50 boosters on our store! Release date is 1st September 2023, so you'll have plenty of time to get these in for Halloween!

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