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Pre Order Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames in the UK!

July 3, 2023

Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames released on 11th August 2023 in the UK and you can pre-order your Obsidian Flame Booster Boxes and Elite Trainer Boxes today!

The 3rd set of the Scarlet and Violet series is set to release later this year and Obsidian Flames continues on from Paldea Evolved with new EX Pokemon, illustration rares and those full-art special illustration rares.

Pre-Order Obsidian Flames Booster Box UK

Obsidian Flames Booster Box

Pre Order Obsidian Flames Booster Box

If you want to get Obsidian Flames for release date, you can now pre-order from our Pokemon TCG Store!

We currently have the Obsidian Flames Booster Box; this is the best way to start off your Pokemon TCG collection as it contains 36 Booster Packs and offers great value in terms of cost per booster pack.

Pre-Order Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box UK

Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box

Pre Order Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box

Another popular product amongst Pokemon TCG fans is the Elite Trainer Box, and with Obsidian Flames we have a familiar face in Charmander being featured on it.

The Obsidian Flames Elite Trainer Box comes with 9 Booster Packs and a special promo card featuring Charmander.

We'll have the complete set of Obsidian Flames on release day for you to use in our Pokemon TCG Collection Tracker.


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