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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Kids On Patrol Side Quest

February 15, 2022

Kids On Patrol is a side quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake that you can complete in Chapter 8. The quest is located inside the Sector 5 Slums - Central District.

Ms Folia

You can activate the quest by speaking to Ms. Folia, she is outside The Leaf House.

She is upset because the children she is teaching haven't turned up for their lesson. It's your job to go find them.

Kids On Patrol Map

You can use the map above to find their location. There are 5 kids in total to find.

Kid 1

Kid 2

Kid 3

Kid 4

Kid 5

You just need to speak to each one and they'll return back to Ms. Folia.

Once they've all been found, head back to Ms. Folia.

The next part of this side quest requires you to slay the Hedgehog Pie King. One of the kids comes running up to you and mentions it has returned.

Head to the Hideout and you can find the Hedgehog Pie King at the same area you rescued the kids from in Chapter 8 (#6 on the map above).

Hedgehog Pie King

The Hedgehog Pie King is accompanied by two Hedgehog Pie monsters. They are all weak to Blizzard Materia so cast that as often as possible.

Focus on taking out the Hedgehog Pies first and then move onto the king. The Hedgehog Pie King can cast regen on the mobs. Overall the fight is quite easy.

Completing this quest also unlocks the quest: A Verified Hero


  • Nail Bat
  • HP and MP fully restored
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