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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Side Quests Guide

March 9, 2022

Final Fantasy VII Remake is brimming with optional Side Quests that players can complete at anytime during their play through. These Side Quests give out great rewards to help make boss fights easier and allow you to get the best equipment in the game.

Side Quests become available from Chapter 3. If you miss any, don't worry, you can always go back and replay them once you have beaten the main story.

This page serves as a starting point for all the side quests in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Chapter 3 - Sector 7 Slums Side Quests

Sector 7 Slums Side Quests

In Sector 7 Slums there are 6 quests in total for you to complete. They are all fairly easy to complete and are good introductions to Final Fantasy VII's Side Quest system. You can view all the active quests you have from the main menu.

#1 - Lost Friends Side Quest

#2 - Rat Problem

#3 - Nuisance In The Factory

#4 - Just Flew In from the Graveyard

#5 - On The Prowl

#6 - Chadley's Report - Battle Intel Guide

Completing all six quests unlocks a Discovery Story Scenario with Tifa.

Chapter 8 - Sector 5 Slums Side Quests

Sector 5 Slums Quests

In Sector 5 Slums there are 6 quests in total for you to complete. These become available just after rescuing the kids in their hideout during the latter stages of Chapter Eight.

#1 - The Mysterious Moogle Merchant

#2 - Kids on Patrol

#3 - Weapons on a Rampage

#4 - A Verified Hero

#5 - The Angel Of The Slums

#6 - Paying Respects

Completing all six quests unlocks the Discovery Quest - The Language of Flowers

Chapter 9 - Wall Market Side Quests

Wall Market Side Quests

After you complete the Underground Colisium in Chapter 9, you get access to some optional Side Quests.

#1 - Burning Thighs

#2 - The Party Never Stops

#3 - A Dynamite Body

Chapter 14 - Side Quests

At the beginning of Chapter 14, you'll get a final round of quests to complete.

Sector 5 Slums

Sector 5 Quests

#1 - Missing Children

#2 - Secret Medicine

#3 - Chocobo Search

#4 - Corneo's Secret Stash

#5 - Tomboy Bandit

Wall Market

Wall Market Quests

#6 - The Power Of Music

#7 - Wavering Heart - Pull Ups Mini Game

#8 - Malicious Goons

#9 - Subterranean Menace


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