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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Rat Problem Side Quest

February 7, 2022

Rat Problem is one of the first quests you'll pick up in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It's a fairly straightforward quest that requires you to slay some Doomrats and this guide will show you how.

Rat Problem Map

The quest can be picked up from Chapter 3 at the Item Shop Owner. He'll ask you sort out a problem with some Doomrat enemies.


Head to the marked location on the map above (#1) and you'll crawl through a space to find some Wererats. These monsters are easy enough to handle so wipe them out.

Doomrat Locations

Head back to the Item Shop Owner and he'll say he wants you to slay Doomrats. Go back to the same location at #1 and this time three Doomrats will have spawned.

Doomrats are weak to Ice Materia, so if you have any equipped, use it as often as possible to take them down. Either way, you should be able to handle these mobs with just normal attacks too.

Note: You can buy Ice Materia from the Item Shop Owner for 900 Gil.

Once defeated, head back to the Item Shop Owner for your reward.


  • 5x Hi-Potions
  • HP and MP fully restored
  • Purchase Cleansing Materia, Cheap 3x Hi-Potions
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