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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Chapter Fourteen - In Search of Hope - Guide

March 9, 2022

You begin Chapter Fourteen back at Aerith's House; Elmyra has kindly allowed Wedge to stay there so he can get better. In Search Of Hope gets off to a testy start as Elmyra refuses Cloud's attempts to go and rescue Aerith.


Cloud ends up having some kind of dream/vision. You can find Aerith outside her home in which she tells you she is inside some Shinra building that she used to be in as a child. Cloud promises her he is going to find her.


The next morning, Elmyra has a change of heart and tells you to rescue Aerith.

In order to do that, however, you need to get to Topside. Cloud believes Don Corneo of Wall Market has information that can help you, so that's the first stop.

You can pick a Pedometer Materia just in front of you outside Aerith's house; this will count the amount of steps you take in the world of Final Fantasy VII Remake.


When you make it to the entrance of Sector 5 Slums, you'll have a small cutscene where a person named Kyrie is telling falsehoods about Avalanche.

This is also the time in which the last round of Side Quests unlock. There's lots of them to do so you can pause at this point in the story to complete them.

Intelligence Gathering


To continue the main story quest, you'll want to head to Don Corneo's Mansion in Wall Market.

Head to Don Corneo's Bedroom and you'll meet Leslie.

Leslie offers to help you get Topside if you help him get revenge on Don Corneo.

You're going to have to head back into the Sewer System, which is where Don Corneo is hiding out.

Sector 6 Sewers

The area is pretty much the same as last time, only a few of the routes have been closed off. The path is quite linear, and you won't have to deal with any switches to move the water around this time.

There are still lots of mobs here, including the Sahagin, Scissorclaw and Blugu mobs.

Sector 6 Restricted Area

Door To The Sewers

Restricted Area

When you get to the Aqueduct 2 area you'll find an open door with Don Corneo's symbol on it that is now open. This will lead you up to the Sector 6 Restricted Section.

  • 1 [Treasure Chest] - Ether
  • 2 [Treasure Chest] - Canisters of Hazardous Material x2

Follow the route round, clearing out the Sahagin mob clusters and pick up the Treasure Chest (1). You'll find a small tunnel that will lead you back up to Sector 6 Sewers. This area should be familiar to you from Chapter 10.


Head towards the door where the picture of Stamp is on the wall and you'll come to the Open Trunk Line.


Leslie leads the way and opens up a gate that was previously locked.

Take the mobs out on the other side of it and head through the door. Here you can find a Vending Machine and Rest Bench. You can also buy Music Disc #13 - The Chase.

Before you get a chance to face Don Corneo, however, an annoying monster attacks you and steals Leslie's pouch that contains the key to face him. Chase after it!


The runaway mob will lead you through several clusters of mobs. Be sure to pick up Treasure Chest (2) on your way through the sewer; climb up the ladder at the end to get to the next area.

Old Aqueduct

The runaway mob takes you to a new area called Sewer System - Old Line (Old Aqueduct map).

  • 1 [Treasure Chest] - Phoenix Down x2
  • 2 [Materia] - Poison Materia
  • 3 [Treasure Chest] - Mega Potion x2

In this area you'll come across lots of mobs called Abzu Shoat. They have quite a lot of HP but they are weak to Fire magic. Keep chasing the runaway mob as it will lead you to where you need to go.

Old Trunk Line

You'll drop down to the Old Trunk Line.

  • 1 [Treasure Chest] - Ether
  • 2 [Treasure Chest] - Protective Boots

Mischievous Shoat

You try to corner the runaway mob but it evades you again.

In this area, you can also find Don Corneo's last Treasure Stash for the Quest Don Corneo's Secret Stash (A). You'll need to turn the water off first before you can access the area (you can find the switch at the exit of this area) (B).

You'll finally come to a fight with the runaway mob called Mischievous Shoat. It'll be joined by two Abzu Shoat mobs, all of them have lots of HP so take care not to let your HP drop low.

Leslie Necklace

After you defeat it, you return the pouch back to Leslie, where it's revealed its not the key after all. Apparently Leslie's Fiancee was a bride for Don Corneo and now he wants revenge.

Head through the door and up the ladder to get back to the Sector 6 Restricted Area, following Leslie.

Heal up at the bench and prepare for a fight...

Boss Fight - Abzu

Abzu Boss Fight

Abzu is joined by his little minions this time round, but they don't have much HP. Taking them out isn't essential, but it can help with taking unnecessary damage.

Abzu has two weak points you can hit; his Left Horn and Tail. Hitting the Left Horn with a Firaga will destroy it and let you get in lots of hits right away.

After you destroy the horn, Abzu will then cause the Sewers to flood and summon more minions. Watch out for his Ground Pound and Tail Whip attacks as they can hit if you are too close to him. Send Fira his way to get his stagger bar going and target his Tail or Left Horn again.

Abzu will also use his charge attack, which can hit very hard so keep an eye out for quick healing. He'll also use his Blackwater Blast, where sewer water will come out of the sewer grates.

With his last 30% of health, he'll go into Enraged mode. His attacks hit a lot harder now and he'll cast Blackwater Deluge, where more sewer water comes out. You can dodge it by staying in the middle of the map.

Check out the video below for more help:

Grappling Guns

After the fight, you can finally get out of the Sewers. Leslie gives you some Grappling Guns, which you can now use to get Topside.

That wraps up Chapter Fourteen of Final Fantasy VII Remake! Did you manage to complete all the side quests before moving on? Overall it's quite a short chapter.

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