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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Moogle Emporium - Moogle Medals

March 8, 2022

The Moogle Emporium is a special shop where you can spend your Moogle Medals for items, weapons and other rewards.

Moogle Medals can be found all over Midgar and the shop becomes available from Chapter Eight in the Sector 5 Slums - Central District.

Moogle Emporium

The Moogle Emporium can be accessed from the hideout in Sector 5 Slums - Central District during Chapter Eight. You must first complete the simple side quest called The Mysterious Moogle Merchant.

To complete the quest The Mysterious Moogle Merchant, you just need to purchase a membership for 1 Moogle Medal from Moggie in the Hideout. If you don't have any Moogle Medals, there is one in a Treasure Chest right next to Moggie.

During Chapter Eight, you can purchase the following items:

Item Cost Notes
#20 - Gold Saucer 1 Moogle Medal
  • For the Music Disc Collection
Ether 2 Moogle Medals  
Silver Staff 2 Moogle Medals
  • Aerith Weapon
Whistlewind Scarf 3 Moogle Medals
  • Accessory
Salvation Badge 1 Moogle Medal
  • Accessory
Graveyard Key 1 Moogle Medal
  • Used for a side quest
The Art Of Swordplay Vol. 1 5 Moogle Medals
  • Increases Cloud's Weapon SP
Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. 1 5 Moogle Medals
  • Increases Barret's Weapon SP
Way of the Fist Vol. 1 5 Moogle Medals
  • Increases Tifa's Weapon SP
Telluric Scriptures Vol. 1 5 Moogle Medals
  • Increase Aerith's Weapon SP

During Chapter 14, you can purchase the following extra items

Item Cost Notes
Turbo Ether 4 Moogle Medals  
Elixir 8 Moogle Medals  
Steel Pincers 7 Moogle Medals
  • Weapon for Barret
Enfeeblement Ring 1 Moogle Medal  
Moogle's Mortar 1 Moogle Medal
  • Used for the Side Quest: Secret Medcine


How To Get Moogle Medals


Moogle Medals can be obtained in a number of ways. They can be found throughout Midgar in Shinra Boxes and Treasure Chests.

However, you can get an unlimited amount by playing the mini-game Whack-A-Box.

This game can be accessed by talking to one of the kids in the hideout during Chapter 8. You can play this game repeatedly and get a Moogle Medal every time- even if you score 0! This is a great way to farm Moogle Medals.

The game is also upgraded during Chapter 14 to a new harder course.

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