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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Whack A Box Mini Game Guide

March 8, 2022

Whack-A-Box is a special mini game that players can play in Final Fantasy VII Remake during Chapter 8.

To play Whack-A-Box, you must first complete the side quest Kids On Patrol. This will activate the quest A Verified Hero.

Whack-A-Box Girl

Talk to a girl in the Hideout area, located in the Sector 5 Slums,  to begin the game.

Playing one game of Whack-A-Box will complete the side quest A Verified Hero.

During Chapter 14, a new hard-mode is added with new rewards and a new course for you to tackle.

Whack-A-Box Rewards

You can get various rewards for playing this mini-game. You will need to reach a certain amount of points to claim the rewards and they can only be claimed once.

You can also get a Moogle Medal for every time you play the game. This will allow you to buy out all the items in the Moogle Emporium.

Target Score Item
10,000 Elixir
20,000 A Crescent Moon Charm
30,000 A Spectral Cogwheel
0 Moogle Medal

After Chapter 14, hard mode is unlocked and you can earn the following rewards:

Target Score Item
10,000 Elixir
20,000 A Crescent Moon Charm
30,000 A transferance module
0 Moogle Medal

Whack-A-Box Tips

Each game of Whack-A-Box starts the same and contains zero randomness.

The aim of the game is to smash as many boxes within the time limit. The boxes you smash have a point value that you can see written on the outside.

You can use any of your battle skills to take out the boxes and some boxes have weaknesses.

  • 50 Box
  • 100 Box
  • 1500 Box
  • Red Timer Box - Gives +10 seconds to the time limit

You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to get as many points as you can.

You should equip Cloud's Iron Blade or Buster Sword.

1500 Points

The hardest boxes to smash are the 1,500 point boxes.

These boxes take a lot of hits to destroy and can slow down your progress significantly.

You can take out these boxes with two of Cloud's Braver attacks- just make sure you have your aim setup correctly otherwise you can completely miss the box!

There are many cluster of boxes that appear during the end of the course. If you're short on time, you should prioritize the massive amounts of boxes over the singular ones.

Don't worry about any spare boxes you miss on the way as you can easily score greater than 30,000 by reaching the end of the course.

Red Timer Box

Make sure to collect every Red Timer Box (there is 3, so that gives you an extra 30 seconds).

38000 score!

You can get all the rewards with just one play through of Whack-A-Box. We managed to get 38,650 Points as our highest score and we didn't try too hard!

Whack-A-Box Hard Mode

Hard Mode gets unlocked during Chapter 14. All you have to do is talk to the girl in the Hideout area in Sector 5 Slums and you can choose between hard and normal mode.

Hard Mode is a brand new course, with only 30 seconds on the timer to begin with. Luckily, the first area you are in there are four red boxes to get your time up by another 40 seconds.

The target is still 30,000 Points to get all the rewards. You should try to ignore the giant Blue Boxes unless they are blocking your path as you have limited time and you can get more points by smashing up big piles of boxes.

You should try and figure out the entire course first so you know where all the good box clusters are and then you can move around knowing where the best points are.

What was your highest score? Leave a comment below!

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