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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Chapter Nine - The Town That Never Sleeps - Guide

February 22, 2022

After sneaking out of Aerith's house, she catches up with us as we head back towards Sector 7 in Chapter Nine of Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, our plans change as we take on one of the most famous locations in FF7: Wall Market.

You begin in the Sector 6 Slums, with Aerith rejoining your party. She knows a shortcut to get you back home, so follow her into a Collapsed Expressway.

Collapsed Expressway

Collapsed Expressway Map

  • 1 [Treasure Chest] - Moogle Medal
  • 2 [Treasure Chest] - 1,000 Gil

Collapsed Expressway Lower

  • 1 [Treasure Chest] - Hi Potions x2
  • 2 [Materia] - Binding Materia
  • 3 [Treasure Chest] - Mega Potion
  • 4 [Materia] - Magnify

The route is very linear, but you will have a few branching paths and puzzles to solve along the way in the Collapsed Expressway.

There are several mobs to fight here too, including Terpsicolt, who can deal your party some decent damage if you're not careful- they're weak to Ice and when they use their spinning attack cannot be damaged with melee attacks.

Crane #1

In this section, there are three small crane puzzles to figure out in order to get across.

The first of those is rather simple; use the Crane controller to pick Aerith up and place her on the other side so she can kick the ladder down.

When you make your way across, watch out for the Sweeper Prototype mob. It is weak to lightning, so a couple of Thundara will take it out. Follow the path ahead where you'll take a ladder down to the lower level of the Collapsed Expressway.

Pick up the Treasure Chest (1) for two Hi-Potions before squeezing through a wall and making your way back up. After taking out two Terpsicott, you'll come to another Crane Machine puzzle.

Crane #2


This one is simple; you use the crane to move the container to the outlined yellow square and then pick up Aerith and put her on it to pick up the Materia (2). Then pick her back up and place her on the other side of the ledge to knock down the ladder.

Have Cloud open Treasure Chest (3) for a Mega Potion and then climb up the other side where Aerith is.

Up ahead is a Vending Machine and Rest Point where you can buy Music Disc #22 - Cosmo Canyon.

Collapsed Expressway Hole

If you turn around, you'll find a hole in the road you can climb down. You'll come to an underground tunnel where you'll be set upon by three stooges: Beck, Burke and Butch.


It's an easy fight and once you take them out you follow the linear path along and climb out back up to the surface. You'll have to take out a Sweeper Prototype and finally you'll come to the last Crane Puzzle.



This one is slightly more tricky- and it is possible to miss the Materia. This time you have two cranes you can command.

Use the first crane to move the container on the ground to the empty yellow outline. Then use the second crane to move the second container directly on top of the first container.

Next use the first crane to move the second container (that is on top of the first) to the empty yellow outline near the Materia. You can now pick up Aerith and place her on the second container to grab the Materia (4) which is Magnify Materia.

Now you'll want to put Aerith back at the starting position, and then use Crane One to move Container Two back on top of Container One.

Then use Crane One to place Aerith on top of Container Two.

You can now use Crane Two to move Aerith to the other side and she'll kick down the ladder for Cloud.

Climb over to the otherside, where you'll be greeted by a few Bandits. As you exit the Collapsed Expressway, Cloud finally gives Aerith a high-five!

Evergreen Park

Evergreen Park

After you find your way out of the Collapsed Expressway, you and Aerith share a moment at the Evergreen Park.

You and Aerith are about to go back underground when a Chocobo Cart arrives with Tifa in the back. She says she is on her way to see Don Corneo and seems to have gotten herself into a bit of trouble.

Tifa Outfit

Tifa's outfit is based on the choice you select in the Discovery Quest "Alone At Last" back in Chapter Three.

Aerith implores you to go and help her, so it's time to head off to Wall Market. It's not far from where you are; once you arrive talk to a guy tending to the Chocobos.


You'll be introduced to a man named Sam.

He says Tifa has gone to Corneo's Mansion, so that's where you need to head next.

Wall Market

Wall Market

Wall Market is a huge town to visit and has lots of different areas to explore. It has it's own Item Shop and Weapon Store, several Side Quests will unlock later as you progress the story and there is a lot of main story scenario to do here.

Wall Market

  • 1 [Treasure Chest] - Phoenix Down
  • 2 [Treasure Chest] - Bottle Of Adrenaline
  • 3 [Treasure Chest] - Elixir
  • 4 [Music Disc] - Farm Boy
  • 5 [Materia] - Barrier
  • 6 [Music Disc] - The Midgar Blues
  • 7 [Treasure Chest] - Headband
  • 8 [Treasure Chest] - 1,200 Gil
  • 9 [Treasure Chest] - Ether
  • 10 [Jukebox] - Music Disc - Under The Rotting Pizza
  • 11 [Treasure Chest] - Vial Of Sedative
  • 12 [Treasure Chest] - Fury Ring

Pick up the Music Disc - #10 Honeybee Inn from the Item Vendor. You can also find Chadley, who will give you some updated Battle Intel Reports to complete, including a new VR Summon Challenge.

You'll also want to make sure you pick up a new weapon for Cloud at the Weapon's Store: Hardedge.

Don Corneo's Mansion

Your first port-of-call is Don Corneo's Mansion, which is located at the top of Wall Market. On your way to the mansion, you'll see Johnny run past you, activating a new Discovery Quest called Vagabond Johnny.

As you enter Don Corneo's Mansion, you're greeted by some of his guards and a guy named Leslie. Unfortunately, they won't let you in without the permission of The Trio.

The first person of the Trio to see is Sam (A). He makes you flip a trick-coin for his help, so you will end up losing anyway.

Next head to the Honeybee Inn (B) to try and speak to Andrea Rhodea. Unfortunately, you're denied so that just leaves the third person Madam M (C).

Madam M

Aerith Say What

As you arrive at Madam M's, you'll have a bizarre interaction with her where you'll end up needing to pay her 1,000,000 Gil in order for her to craft a dress for Aerith that will ultimately get you into Don Corneo's Mansion.

In order to obtain that 1,000,000 Gil, you'll need to enter a fighting Tournament in Wall Market at the Underground Coliseum.

Underground Coliseum

There are three simple fights to complete at the Underground Coliseum. Between each fight, you can use one of the rooms to buy discounted items from the Vending Machine and Rest up.

Round 1 - Sanguine Stalkers

Sanguine Stalkers

The first round puts you up against two Bloodhounds and a man called the Beastkeeper. You should take out the Beastkeeper first with a single Braver skill from Cloud.

The Bloodhounds are great at evading attacks so it's best to switch to Aerith with her basic attack that can track down the beasts. Overall, it's a super easy fight!

Round 2 - Beck's Badasses

Beck's Badassess

Remember these guys? This time they come with a bit of backup. But again, this fight should no match for you and Aerith. Have Cloud use his strong attacks to hit multiple of them with hard-hitting damage. Aerith should cast Pray if Cloud takes too many hits; they can cast Sleep so make sure to switch to Aerith during this time.

Round 3 - Cutty and Sweepy

Cutty and Sweepy

Two mech Robots face you in this round, so have Lightning Materia on standby. Get Aerith to cast Arcane Ward so that when you cast Thundara magic it will hit twice when you stand on the flower petals.

Focus on the Sweeper first; don't bother targeting the arms as you can easily take out the sweeper with a few magic hits.

Cutter has a lot more HP, so you'll want to focus on the arms first to cripple it. Each arm you take out will cause the boss to slump and allow you to get lots of hits in and wipe him out.

Boss Fight - Hell House

Hell House

Unfortunately, Round three was not the final fight. Don Cornio has one last surprise for you: the Hell House.

With multiple phases, the Hell House is one of the most difficult bosses you'll face in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Hell House's main mechanic is that it switches elements periodically during the fight. If you use the Assess Materia, you can see what element it is weak to at any time. It's a good idea to have all the Materia magic types equipped, split between Aerith and Cloud.

The first phase sees the Hell House fire chairs and bombs at you, with the occasional rush. It will start off with the Fire element, so casting Ice magic will damage it and get the stagger bar going. Aerith's Arcane Ward is really useful in this fight, allowing you to hit double magic spells when positioned over it.

When the house flies away out of Cloud's reach, switch to Aerith to get her ATB gauge going so that you have Pray ready to use if you take too much damage.

When it casts Hospitality, try and have Cloud sucked in as his Melee attacks do nothing, so this is also a good time to have Aerith gain ATB.

Once you hit your first stagger, it'll switch to second phase. Here it will immediately cast Housing Shock, where it will crawl towards you and deal hard-hitting damage if you get caught. Cloud can crawl away from it if you spam his dodge button.

At around 60% HP, it will start to use God House Mode, making all attacks deal reduced damage. During this phase you'll want to concentrate on getting your ATB up, waiting for your moment to strike.

There are a few short windows to deal magic attacks where the god mode is down; one good spot is when Hell House casts Double Rocket Charge as he does not have his God House Mode up during the entirety of this move.

Watch out for his spinning Jetstream attack and keep switching to Aerith for healing.

At around < 30% HP, it'll go to it's final phase. Immediately Hell House flies in the air with its Heavensward move, hitting you with Chair Salvo and then a Hellbound attack that is incredibly difficult to dodge. If you have lots of HP, try and move away from your other party member so that only one character tanks the hit and then heal up.

The rest of the fight is pretty much identical to the second phase so keep waiting for your opportunity to strike with magic attacks that it is weak to.

Check out the video below for more tips on beating Hell House:

After the fight, head to Madam Ms place so that Aerith can now get her dress.

Honeybee Inn

Sam Sidequest

Whilst Aerith's dress is being prepared, you've given some time to roam Wall Market.

If you go speak to Sam, it will unlock a couple of optional Side Quests for you to complete, including a mini-game of Squats.

Once you're done with any Side Quests, head to Madam M's place. Johnny will come running up to you before you can enter and tell you to head to Corneo's Mansion. Speak to Leslie and he will tell you that the audition doesn't start yet.

Aerith Dress

Go back outside and you'll meet Aerith in her new dress. Cloud doesn't think it's a good idea for Aerith to go in alone and Aerith agrees, she has an idea to get you inside.

Follow her to the Honeybee Inn.

Andrea Rhodea is waiting for you backstage apparently. You can pick up a Treasure Chest (11) in one of the side rooms.

Dance Practise

You're going to have play a mini-game next in order to win Andrea's approval. The game involves timing button presses as Cloud dances. If you score a perfect during the practice session, you can gain a Music Disc "Let The Battles Begin - Remix".

Cloud Dress

Once you've done with the practice session, you'll then move onto the main event.

After performing the main event, Cloud is transformed and is given a dress to help him sneak into Don Corneo's mansion.

Doing well in the main event dance sequence will add some earrings for Cloud's attire and a new scene with Aerith.

After the show, you can now get into Don Corneo's Mansion and rescue Tifa.

Rescue Tifa


Speak to Leslie to get inside Don Corneo's Mansion and head upstairs to the last room. Unfortunately, as soon as you're inside you get gassed and taking to another chamber.


Here you'll finally be reunited with Tifa.

After a brief discussion, you can open a Treasure Chest in the room and pick up a Turbo Ether. You can also use the Vending Machine to get the Music Disc #11 - Don Of The Slums.

You'll hear a gong, which means it is time for the audition.

Don Corneo ends up choosing Cloud, leaving Tifa and Aerith to deal with his goons. Leslie brings you your weapons and you can now head to Don's bedroom.

Before you do, head downstairs to the main entrance to the mansion and pick up a Fury Ring from a Treasure Chest behind some bookcases you have to squeeze through.

Don Corneo Trap

Once inside Don Corneo's Bedroom, he springs a trap after revealing that Shinra plans to destory Sector 7 Slums!

And that wraps up Chapter Nine of Final Fantasy VII Remake! Woo- this was a long chapter. Let us know if we missed anything important in the comments below!

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Just before the second mini puzzle there is a ramp down to the left that leads to a pipe…. In the pipe is a chest with 1000gil
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