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Final Fantasy VII Remake - The Party Never Stops Side Quest

February 22, 2022

The Party Never Stops is an optional Side Quest that becomes available in Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Party Never Stops

This quest can be accepted after you finish up the Underground Coliseum part of the main story in Chapter 9.

You can find the quest in the clothing store; speak to the shop owner to get started in Wall Market.

Clothing Store

He wants you to get his Drunk dad back home and you can find him across the street in the Drunkards Bar (1). As you step out, Johnny will join you on your quest.

Drunk Dad

The Old man mentions he lost his precious inspiration to the Materia Shop Owner. So head there (2) next!

Materia Shop Owner

He tells you he'll give you back what he took from the old man if you can get him some thing from a Vending Machine. You can find this Vending Machine (3) at the Inn in Wall Market.

Vending Machine

The Vending Machine has secret buttons, which are revealed quicker based on how many times you have used the Assess Materia.

Keep using the Vending Machine until you get Vitalabrew and Crimson Spike. Once you have them you'll get a Phoenix Down.

Materia Owner

Head back to the Materia Vendor (2). Unfortunately, he tells you he doesn't have what we're looking for, and instead tells us to head to the restaurant in Wall Market (4).

Restaurant Owner

Speak to the Restaurant Owner who asks for your advice on his cooking. The advice you give him scales with the level of your Materia. You'll need to choose between Stove, Fridge or Power Supply.

The food he cooks up will make Johnny sick, and require you to go see the Item Store Vendor (5) with a Medicine Voucher just given to you.

Item Store Vendor

The Item Store Vendor now wants you to deliver some medicine to a guy who is sick.

Sick Person

This guy can be found in the toilets of the Drunkards Bar (1).

Drunk Dad VIP Card

Once you have delivered the medicine, return to the Item Store Vendor (5). He will give you a VIP Card, which was what the old man in Drunkards originally lost.

Go back to Drunkards (1) and give it to the old man.

Finally, return back to the Fashion Clothes Store Owner where you originally picked up the quest to complete it.


  • HP and MP fully restored
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