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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Weapons On A Rampage Side Quest

February 15, 2022

Weapons On A Rampage is a Side Quest you can undertake in Final Fantasy VII Remake during Chapter 8 in the Sector 5 Slums.

To start this quest, you need to find the Scared Man NPC just outside the Sector 5 Slums - Central District. He will tell you of "Shinra Weapons" going on the rampage and asks for your help in dispatching them.

Weapons On A Rampage Map

To complete this quest, you need to take out two lots of Mark II Monodrive monsters. They can be found in the locations #1 and #2 on the map above.

At location #1 you'll fight two monsters, and location #2 you'll fight three.

Mark II Monodrive

The Mark II Monodrive Monsters switch between being vulnerable to physical and magic attacks. Aerith's basic attack counts as magic, so you should switch to her if both mobs become vulnerable to physical damage.

Quest Complete

Completing this quest also unlocks another side quest in Chapter 8: Paying Respects


  • Protective Boots
  • HP and MP fully recovered
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