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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Lost Friends Side Quest

February 7, 2022

Lost Friends is one of the first side quests you pick up in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The quest can be found in Sector 7 Slums and is fairly simple to complete.

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Lost Friends Map

You can pick up the quest Lost Friends in Sector 7 Slums during Chapter 3 after speaking with Wymer during the main story line.

You'll find a little girl called Betty in an area with other children.

She has lost her best friends (three cats!) and you need to go and find them. You can see their locations on the map above. Whenever you're near the cats, they'll meow to alert you of their presents.


Lost Friends Missing Cat

The first is on the other side of the slums; speak to a woman next to a scrap metal tunnel. She'll say she's lost a cat. Go inside and you'll be able to find the first cat (it's white). The cat will run off, but don't worry!

Missing Cat Seventh Heaven

The second cat you can find at the entrance to Seventh Heaven.

Lost Friends Missing Cat Street

The third is sitting at the side of one of the narrow streets.

Once all three have been found, you can head back to Betty for your rewards.

Quest Rewards:

  • Maiden's Kiss
  • HP and MP Restored
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