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Luggage Larceny - Star Ocean: The Divine Force Sidequest

November 15, 2022

Luggage Larceny is a sidequest in Star Ocean: The Divine Force that can be picked up just outside of Larcette Village.

This quest is only available after you have begun rescuing Elena in the Galca Shrine.

Luggage Larceny

You can find Scumbag-Loathing Old Woman outside of Larcette Village to begin the quest. She asks you to retrieve her belongings that were stolen by Scumbag Thieves.

Luggage Larceny

You can find the Scumbag Thieves in the Mhedume Ruins. The Old Lady's belongings drop from the Chief Scumbag mob, and you'll need to collect 3 of them to compete the quest.

Luggage Larceny

Once completed, head back to the Scumbag-Loathing Old Woman for your reward.


  • Secret Preparation Recipe
  • 1,440 Fol
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