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Why Is It Only Me? - Star Ocean: The Divine Force Sidequest

November 11, 2022

Why Is It Only Me? is a sidequest you can find in the Delryk Village.

Why Is It Only Me

Speak to Undaunted Explorer NPC, just beside the Inn, to begin the quest. He explains that he was attacked by some bugs and wants you to get rid of them for him.

Chunky Curry

In order to complete this quest, you must first stay at the Inn at Delryk Village. You must choose the option Stay At The Inn and eat Invigorating Chunky Curry.

Now you need to head to the Larcasse Region. You're best to use Fast Travel here as getting into fights will consume your Chunky Curry buff (you can only get into 5 fights before it disappears).


You are looking for the Gluttonous Worm mob; this mob will appear right at the border between Larcasse Region and Del'vyr Region.

It will pop out of the ground as long a you have the Chunky Curry buff active. Kill all of the mobs that spawn!


You can now return to Delryk Village and speak to Undaunted Explorer to turn in the quest.


  • 2880 Fol


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