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Best Coromon for your Squad

April 29, 2022

Coromon features over a hundred different monsters to capture and this guide will break down what are the Best Coromon for your Squad. We'll look at their skills, stats and traits to help determine whether a Coromon is the strongest.

After completing the Coromon Walkthrough, and played with several squads of Coromon, we've got a great idea now of some of the best Coromon to take on your journey into Velua.

Our Coromon Database also shows all the stats of every single Coromon in the game, including the Coromon Skills they learn and the Coromon Traits they can get when you capture them. Check it out if you're looking to build your own Coromon Squad.

Anyways, let's get into it-

Best Coromon Squad

We'll choose our best 6 Coromon we think you need in your squad as you play Coromon! Don't agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below which Coromon you are picking.



The amount of times this Coromon saved our Squad from a wipe is immense. Chonktoad is the evolved form of Taddle and is a Water Type. It can be caught pretty early on in the game, spawning at Soggy Swamp.

Water Type Coromon are strong against Fire and Sand; two of the Titans you come across in Coromon share these types so having a strong water-type Coromon in your Squad is a must!

What makes Chonktoad so good? Chonktoad learns the move Cloudburst, which is a super useful skill in most battles. Cloudburst can hit all enemies on the screen, so it's great for training and it lowers the accuracy of every Coromon it hits. It's power stat is 50, so it's not super strong, but when you can make your opponent miss you on every hit, it's the sacrifice in power is worth it.

It also has one of the most powerful skills in the game, with Crushing Waterfall dealing 200 Power over 2 turns.



This Fire-Type Coromon has the second highest overall stat count in the game, making it a great addition to your Squad. If you can find a Vulbrute with Perfect Potential, even better, as you can use the bonus stats to further boost this Coromon.

Fire-Type Coromon are great for the second-to-last Titan (ice) you fight, so well worth getting one in your Squad for your run through.



Eclyptor the Ghost-Type Coromon boasts the second strongest Special Attack stat in the entire game. Lunarpup, the form that evolves into Eclyptor, can be found in Pawbury, which is about 1/3 of the way into the game, so it's well worth saving a spot for this Coromon.

Ghost are only strong against Ghost, and weak against Ghost, so they can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Using them against the Ghost Titan is worth it though for that extra damage boost.



Glamoth evolves from Frova, a Coromon that can be caught right at the beginning of the game in Woodlow Forest. It is a Rare Coromon, so might take a little bit of time to hunt it down.

This Ice-Type Coromon is strong against Fire and Water types, which is useful against two of the Titans you come across in the game. Glamoth also has a high Special Attack stat and is ranked 8th overall.

Glamoth's Ice Flurry is can hit up to 3 times, with a chance of lowering the Sp. Defense stat of your enemies, making them more susceptible to strong special attacks.

Glamoth also has a useful move called Hypno Wave, that puts opponents to sleep. This skill is learned at level 3 so it gives you a nice early advantage when using this Coromon.



Deecie can be caught on Donar Island very early on in the game in it's evolved from Acie. It has the strongest Special Attack stat out of all Electric Coromon, allowing you to deliver powerful blows to Water Types.

Deecie also has the move Quad Volt early on that always hit's first no matter the Speed stat of your opponent. You can also spam Acid Rain to lower opponents defense.

Dark Ucaclaw

Dark Ucaclaw

Dark Magic Coromon are corrupted forms of normal Coromon and can be found right at the end of the game. Whilst not super-useful in terms of getting through the game, they can be super hard hitters in PVP.

Dark Ucaclaw has the strongest attack stat in the entire game, so make sure to make the most of it's physical hitting attacks such as Shadow Rend and Headbash.

Other Good Coromon



Dugterra is a great choice for a slot in your Squad as a Sand-Type. Sand Types are strong against Electric, and Dugterra has both high stats in Special Attack and normal Attack, making it great for both situations.

Moffel is the un-evolved form and can be caught very early on in Hayville and Wooldlow Forest.

Let us know in the comments what Coromon you would have in your Squad over ours!

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is bitybolt one of the strongest coromons?
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When I use chonktoad to fight illugin, I think it will be a 1 hit ko but I spam cloudburst then the titan can't hit me
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