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New Pokemon Snap - All Ancient Ruins Locations

July 6, 2021

Ancient Ruins are locations of interest that you can find throughout New Pokemon Snap courses. In the main story, snapping the Ancient Ruins helps unlock new courses and progress the game. Interacting with them usually doesn't create new Pokemon interactions (unlike Crystalblooms). This guide will show you all the locations of all the Ancient Ruins in New Pokemon Snap.

Snapping all the Ancient Ruins will go towards completing all your maps and also unlock the Research Title Historian.

To reveal Ancient Ruins, you just have to use your Scan function and it will allow you to zoom in and scan to register them. There are a total of 12 Ancient Ruins for you to discover.

Ancient Ruins - Florio Island Illumina Spot

Ancient Ruins - Illumina Spot Florio

The first Ancient Ruins you'll likely to come across is in Illumina Spot - Florio Island. You can find this on the right at the end of the course level.

Ancient Ruins - Founja Jungle

Ancient Ruins - Founja Jungle

In Founja Jungle (day) you can find an Ancient Ruins below you as you go across the fallen tree logs. It is below the tree where the Toucannon are nesting and near a Crystalbloom.

Ancient Ruins - Elsewhere Forest

Ancient Ruins - Elsewhere Forest

In the final stage of Elsewhere Forest, there is some Ancient Ruins to your left just before the end teleporter. This is the same place that Celebi will sit on when you interact with her.

Ancient Ruins - Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot

Ancient Ruins - Illumina Spot Elsewhere Forest

In the Illumina Spot with Milotic, you can find some Ancient Ruins submerged in the water. The ruins is beneath a tree trunk, with roots around it. It happens in the middle part of the course, with the Trevenant on the grass land.

Ancient Ruins - Fireflow Volcano

Ancient Ruins - Fireflow Volcano

The Fireflow Volcano Ancient Ruins is located right at the end of the level. The NEO-ONE teleporter is inside the archway where it's located.

Ancient Ruins - FireFlow Volcano Illumina Spot

Ancient Ruins - Fireflow Volcano

Immediately do a 180 and turn around to scan the Ancient Ruins in the Illumina Spot at FireFlow Volcano.

Ancient Ruins - Shiver Snowfields

Ancient Ruins - Shiver Snowfields

Shiver Snowfields has many alternative routes to unlock that require you to snap this Ancient Ruins. You should check out the Snowfields page and you'll be able to access all the routes.

The ruins is located inside the ice cave on your right. There is a Carbunk near it.

Ancient Ruins - Lental Seafloor

Ancient Ruins - Lental Seafloor

In Lental Seafloor, take the alternative route at the beginning of the course (the one that takes you near Lugia's Cave). You will come to an area with Golisopod; to your left is some Ancient Ruins with a Crystalbloom on top. Your scan may not highlight these ruins, so make sure you are paying attention.

Ancient Ruins - Outaway Caves

Ancient Ruins - Outaway Caves

You can also find some Ancient Ruins in Outaway Caves. You need to take the alternative route into the crystal cave; you'll eventually come to a grassy area which has some rocks in it. Scan to reveal the hidden Ancient Ruins.

Ancient Ruins - Outaway Caves Illumina Spot

Ancient Ruins - Illumina Spot Outaway Caves

Towards the end of the cave you'll come across an alternative route on your left. This will lead you to a small side-cave and allow you to photograph the Ancient Ruins Murial (it's the same one from Aurus Illumina Spot but missing a piece!)

Ancient Ruins - Ruins Of Remembrance

Ancient Ruins - Ruins Of Remembrance

As soon as you start the Ruins Of Remembrance, snap the giant ruin in front of you before you go inside it.

Ancient Ruins - Aurus Illumina Spot

Ancient Ruins - Illumina Spot Aurus

You can also find Ancient Ruins inside the final Illumina Spot where Xerneas is. Snap the mural on the wall for the Ancient Ruins picture.

Research Title Historian

Research Title - Historian

The Historian Research Title will be granted to you once you have snapped all 12 Ancient Ruins locations above. It also unlocks the special Miniature filter that you can use to edit photos with.

Research Title Historian Filter

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