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New Pokemon Snap - How To Find Xerneas (All Stars)

July 6, 2021

Xerneas is a Legendary Pokemon that you find at the end of New Pokemon Snap in the final Illumina Spot. To unlock the last Illumina Spot, you can follow our main walkthrough guide which shows you all the tasks you need to complete to get there. This guide will focus on how to get the 4 star rank photos of Xerneas and all the different poses it requires.

Xerneas is one of the Legendary Pokemon you can find in New Pokemon Snap.

This is the #214 Pokemon in the New Pokemon Snap Photodex.

How To Unlock Xerneas in New Pokemon Snap

Xerneas will appear in the final Illumina Spot at the end of the main story line. Unlocking the Illumina Spot requires activating the Elevator Of Light, which is in the Ruins Of Remembrance course.

Xerneas Orb

When you play through the Illumina Spot, Xerneas appears as a glowing orb throughout the course. Throwing an Illumina Orb at the glowing orb will cause Xerneas to appear at various spots.

At the end of the level, Xerneas is kneeling on the ground and lets you take some great photos of him.

All Star Ranks Xerneas Pictures

Here is a how you get the specific Xerneas Diamond Rank Pictures for your Pokemon Photodex.

1 Star Xerneas

Xerneas 1 Star Diamond

1 Star Diamond Xerneas can be gotten by getting a close-up picture of Xerneas walking towards to mural on the wall. This happens in the second area of the course; throw an Illumina Orb at Xerneas's Orb near the water pool and Xerneas will appear; leaping off a rock and then walking very slowly over to the mural.

2 Star Xerneas

Xerneas 2 Star Diamond

2 Star Diamond Xerneas can be gotten at the end of the course when Xerneas is kneeling down. He will sit there for a good long period, allowing you to get the perfect close-up and centered shot that gives you 2 star Diamond.

3 Star Xerneas

Xerneas 3 Star Diamond

3 Star Diamond Xerneas can be gotten in the first section of the course in Illumina Spot. As soon as you see the floating Xerneas Orb, hit it with an Illumina Orb to make Xerneas appear. Then hit Xerneas with an Illumina Orb and he will then disappear back into orb form.

Xerneas will then appear right at the top of the stairs in front of you, allowing you to get the 3 star diamond snap.

4 Star Xerneas

Xerneas 4 Star Diamond

4 Star Diamond Xerneas is a little more tricky. First, you will need to make sure you hit the Xerneas Orb in the first cave with an Illumina Orb.

Then in the second area, throw another Illumina Orb at Xerneas Orb so that he appears on the water. He will then jump across to the mural. Throw another Illumina Orb at Xerneas so he starts to glow.

Then you will see two Houndoom sleeping on the floor. Throw Fluffruit at them until they wake up.

Once both Houndooms are awake, press the Scan button and the Houndoom will then walk towards Xerneas and howl. Then Xerneas will use his special attack and this is where you can grab the 4 Star Diamond photo.

The Power Of Xerneas

The Power Of Xerneas is a Research Title that can be obtained by completing the 4 Star Diamond Photo. It will unlock the Professor Mirror (Surprised) Profile Icon.

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