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New Pokemon Snap - How To Find Celebi (All Stars)

July 6, 2021

Celebi is a Legendary Pokemon that you can find in New Pokemon Snap by exploring the course Elsewhere Forest. Get all four diamond star pictures for Celebi can prove tricky, so this guide will show you all the ways to get the different poses of Celebi and what actions you need to take.

Celebi is one of the Legendary Pokemon you can find in New Pokemon Snap after completing the main storyline.

This is the #078 Pokemon in the New Pokemon Snap Photodex.

How To Unlock Celebi in New Pokemon Snap

Celebi Flies

Celebi is available at the end of the course Elsewhere Forest after you have completed the main story quest. Celebi appears from Research Level 2.

Celebi first appears at the final stage and will fly around the forest for a short while before disappearing; you need to throw an Illumina Orb in order for it to appear next.

Celebi Fluffruit

The next spot is by a bunch of Fluffruit under neath the tree trunks to your right. Feeding it Fluffruit will get Celebi to appear on some ancient rocks.

Celebi Rocks Location

Celebi is then sat upon some Ancient Rocks chilling out and will get up slowly and fly around again before disappearing. This is right at the end of the course.

All Star Ranks Celebi Pictures

Here is a how you get the specific Celebi Diamond Rank Pictures for your Pokemon Photodex.

1 Star Celebi

Celebi Diamond 1 Star

1 Star Diamond Celebi requires you to get a shot of Celebi flying around as soon as he appears in Elsewhere Forest. If the shot is centered and close, you can easily get 1 Star Diamond Celebi.

2 Star Celebi

Celebi Diamond 2 Star

To get 2 Star Diamond Celebi you need to hit Celebi with an Illumina Orb when he first appears. Celebi will do a cute little pose and this is the shot you want for the 2-star diamond.

3 Star Celebi

Celebi Diamond 3 Star

3 Star Diamond Celebi comes fter you throw the first Illumina Orb at Celebi. He will then appear next to a pile of fruit as you go under a tree trunk (to your right). Throw a Fluffruit at Celebi and he will eat it, allowing you to get the 3-star diamond picture.

4 Star Celebi

Celebi Diamond 4 Star

In order to get 4 Star Diamond Celebi, you need to do the following:

  • Throw an Illumina Orb at Celebi as soon as he appears in Elsewhere Forest.
  • Feed Celebi under the Tree Trunk to your right with a Fluffruit.
  • Celebi will then be on top of a ruin to your left at the end of the level. Throw an Illumina Orb at him; three more Celebi will then come down to him and play.
  • Play some music and all the Celebi will start to dance and fly off. This is your 4 Star Diamond picture

Myth Of The Forest

In order to get the Myth Of The Forest Research Title you need to get the 4 Star Celebi Picture. This Research Title does not give any extras.

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