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New Pokemon Snap - How To Find Manaphy (All Stars)

July 6, 2021

Manaphy is a Legendary Pokemon in the New Pokemon Snap game that you can take snaps of as soon as you have completed the main storyline. There are two methods for finding Manaphy, but only one of those methods allows you to get the rare 4 Star Diamond Shot for your Pokemon Photodex. This guide will show you how to get all four ranks and stars, including which poses you need.

Manaphy is one of the Legendary Pokemon you can find in New Pokemon Snap after completing the main storyline.

This is the #107 Pokemon in the New Pokemon Snap Photodex.

How To Unlock Manaphy in New Pokemon Snap

There are two methods for unlocking Manaphy; both of them require you to play the course Maricopia Reef (Evening) at Research Level 2. The first method does not allow you to get a 4 Star Photo:

Alternative Route Maricopia Reef

  • When you come to the end of Maricopia Reef, you can take an alternative route to see the Lapras.

Small Lapras Maricopia Reef

  • If you throw an Illumina Orb at the small Lapras, it will swim to it's parent.

Manaphy - New Pokemon Snap

  • Once the young Lapras is with it's parent, play some music and Manaphy will jump out of the water between them.
  • You can get 1,2 and 3 star photos but not 4 unfortunately.

The other method requires you to perform a few tasks before Manaphy shows up.

Maricopia Reef Vaporeon

  • As soon as the course starts, hit the swimming Vaporeon with an Illumina Orb

Maricopia Reef Crystalbloom

  • Next, to your right, is a Crystalbloom on a rocky mountain; throw an Illumina Orb at it.

Maricopia Reef Crystalbloom Whirlpool

  • You then need to find another Crystalbloom further along the course you will come to a whirlpool. Up ahead on your left will be another Crystalbloom. Throw an Illumina Orb at the Crystalbloom.

Maricopia Reef Waillord

  • This will now allow you to see Manaphy; you will come to the two Wailords and the right one will sink into the ocean. You will then see Manaphy playing with some Inkay

All Star Ranks Manaphy Pictures

Here is a how you get the specific Manaphy Diamond Rank Pictures for your Pokemon Photodex.


Manaphy 1 Star Diamond

For 1 Star Diamond Manaphy get a good centered shot of Manaphy in the water swimming. The closer the better.

2 Star

Manaphy 2 Star Diamond

2 Star Diamond Manaphy requires you to throw a Fluffruit at Manaphy and capture it looking hurt for the 2 Star Diamond.

3 Star

Manaphy 3 Star Diamond

For 3 Star Diamond Manaphy, again throw a Fluffruit at Manaphy and get a shot of him eating it for the 3 Star Diamond. Be careful that the other Pokemon around Manaphy don't eat it first (so throw several Fluffruits!)

4 Star

Manaphy 4 Star Diamond

To get 4 Star Diamond Manaphy you need to use the second method of getting him to show up. First throw an Illumina Orb at Manaphy and as you get closer, play some music. Manaphy will then do a jump into the air and this is where you need to get a good shot for the 4 Star photo.

Myth Of The Sea

Myth Of The Sea is a Research Title that requires you to get a shot of Manaphy in New Pokemon Snap. The rank doesn't matter.

Myth Of The Sea

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