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New Pokemon Snap - How To Find Ho-Oh (All Stars)

July 6, 2021

Ho-Oh is a Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap that requires a few tricky mechanics to unlock. As soon as you're done with the main story quest, you will be able to encounter Ho-Oh in the Fireflow Volcano. This guide will go through all the shots and mechanics that you need to do in order to get all four diamond star pictures of Ho-Oh!

Ho-Oh is one of the Legendary Pokemon you can find in New Pokemon Snap after completing the main storyline.

This is the #153 Pokemon in the New Pokemon Snap Photodex.

How To Unlock Ho-Oh in New Pokemon Snap

In order to find Ho-Oh, you must go to FireFlow Volcano. There are three random spots that Ho-Oh shows up in FireFlow Volcano before we start trying to unlock his final pose.

Ho-Oh Spot 1

The first spot is as soon as the level starts, look to your right. Between two giant mountains, Ho-Oh will fly past.

The second spot comes as you descend to the molten lava stream and the Tyrantrum comes rumbling by. If you look to your left, you can see Ho-Oh flying above the mountain tops.

Ho Oh

The third spot is in the same area as the second, but this time look to your right, where a Crystalbloom and Charmander is, Ho-Oh will appear in the sky behind them.

Ho-Oh can appear in any three of those spots. If you miss him, just restart the level.

To get Ho-Oh to spawn in the last cave, you need to follow these steps:

Fireflow Alternative Route

First take a picture of Ho-Oh at any of the three random locations. Once done, head to the right of the alternative route as you go down into the dark caves.

Ho-Oh Feather

As you go past the sleeping Shinx, you'll enter another cave with fire on the right. On the left hand side is a Ho-Oh Feather; throw an Illumina Orb at it so that it starts glowing.

Ho-oh Feather

Next as you enter the next cave with the flowing water, there is a Torkoal to your immediate right asleep. Throw an Illumina Orb at him so he moves. Another Ho-Oh Feather will be in the exact spot he was sleeping- throw an Illumina Orb so it starts glowing.

Ho-Oh Feather

The final feather is resting in the same room. Look to your left and next to where Flareon and Charmander spawn, the Ho-Oh Feather is in the center. Throw an Illumina Orb to get it to glow.

Ho-Oh Cave

Now when you enter the next cave, Ho-Oh will descend into it and allow you to take some really good close-ups.

All Star Ranks Ho-Oh Pictures

Here is a how you get the specific Ho-Oh Diamond Rank Pictures for your Pokemon Photodex.

1 Star Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh 1 Star Diamond

1 Star Diamond Ho-Oh is all about getting a good centered shot of it flying around in any of the three locations. Ho-Oh will only spawn in one of them per run, so if you miss the first one, wait for the second two spots and then restart if you mess up your shot.

2 Star Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh 2 Star Diamond

2 Star Diamond Ho-Oh requires you to get Ho-Oh to the last cave in the alternative route. Once Ho-Oh spawns there and does his blast attack, throw Fluffruit at him and snap a close-up of him reacting angrily.

3 Star Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh 3 Star Diamond

3 Star Diamond Ho-Oh requires you to get Ho-Oh to roll around in mid-air.

In order to do this, first follow the steps to get Ho-Oh to spawn in the end cave. Once it's spawned, you need to hit Ho-Oh around 4 times with Illumina Orbs as it is flying around the cave after it's main blast attack. It can be quite difficult to hit.

After around the fourth time Ho-Oh will fly directly up into the air and then do several spins in mid-air, allowing you to get the perfect 3 Star Diamond shot.

4 Star Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh 4 Star Diamond

4 Star Diamond Ho-Oh is all about getting the perfect shot of him doing his blast attack at the end. It requires you to go through the mechanics of throwing Illumina Orbs at his feathers (read above). Ho-Oh will hang out in the final cave for you to get some really good close-ups and the 4 star diamond shot too.

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