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New Pokemon Snap - Where To Find All Eevee Evolutions

July 6, 2021

It wouldn't be a Pokemon game without the Eevee Evolutions making an appearance, and in New Pokemon Snap you can find 9 different forms of Eevee! These Pokemon are scattered all throughout the Florio region and some of them can be tricky to find. This guide will show you how to find all the Eevee Evolutions in New Pokemon Snap.

You can view all the Eevee Evolutions in the Pokemon Photodex. All of the Eevee Evolutions have there own LenTalk Requests for you to complete, which give you the 4 star ratings and some pretty interesting interactions.

Find Eevee - New Pokemon Snap

Eevee - New Pokemon Snap

Eevee can be found in a couple of courses. Eevee makes an appearance in both Research Camp and Florio Illumina Spot.

Eevee Ranks

From our Pokemon Photodex:

1 Star

  • In Research Camp, get a shot of Eevee asleep in the Lab.

2 Stars

  • In Research Camp, get a shot of Eevee being hit by a Fluffruit.

3 Stars

  • In Research Camp, get a shot of Eevee being hit by Trubbish's poison gas attack (throw a Fluffruit at Trubbish to get him to release his gas) on the table.

4 Stars

Find Sylveon - New Pokemon Snap


Sylveon can be found snoozing in Florio Nature Park (night) and also in the Florio Illumina Spot (sleeping!).

Sylveon Ranks

From our Pokemon Photodex:

1 Star

  • In Park (night), you can find Sylveon sleeping behind the Torterra.
  • Snap a shot of it sleeping for 1 star.

2 Stars

  • In Park (night), you can find Sylveon sleeping behind the Torterra.
  • Throw an Illumina Orb and snap just as it wakes up.

3 Stars

  • In Illumina Spot (Florio), you can find a Sylveon on the right hand side of the map asleep at the beginning of the course.
  • Throw an Illumina Orb to wake it up and snap Sylveon as it jumps down from the hill-top.

4 Stars

Find Leafeon - New Pokemon Snap


Leafeon appears in Founja Jungle in both day and night courses. In the day course, Leafeon can be found in the alternative route behind the waterfall. In the night course, Leafeon appears right at the beginning.

Leafeon Ranks

From our Pokemon Photodex:

1 Star

  • Snap a close-up of Leafeon in Founja Jungle (night)

2 Stars

  • Snap Leafeon eating a Fluffruit in Founja Jungle (night); you can do this behind the waterfall.

3 Stars

  • Snap Leafeon sleeping next to Sobble in Founja Jungle (night) behind the waterfall.

4 Stars

  • At the end of Founja Jungle (night), Leafeon will settle down to a Crystalbloom. Illuminate the Crystalbloom and Leafeon will sit down next to it.
  • Wait until you're almost around the corner and play some music; Bounsweet will come out and play with Leafeon. Snap away!

Find Espeon - New Pokemon Snap


Espeon makes an appearance in Elsewhere Forest right at the beginning in Research Level 2 and 3.

Find Vaporeon - New Pokemon Snap


Vaporeon can be found in Maricopia Reef, swimming around the isles.

Find Flareon - New Pokemon Snap


Flareon can be found in Fireflow Volcano, deep inside the volcano.

Find Glaceon - New Pokemon Snap


Glaceon can be found in Shiver Snowfields, sleeping on the snowy mountains.

Find Jolteon - New Pokemon Snap


Jolteon can found hiding in Outaway Caves. You have to take two alternative routes to find him hiding in the bushes.

Find Umbreon - New Pokemon Snap


Umbreon makes an appearance in both Ruins of Remembrance and the Aurus Illumina Spot.

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