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New Pokemon Snap - Founja Jungle - Walkthrough Part 2

February 23, 2024

Welcome back to the New Pokemon Snap Walkthrough - in this part we unlock the Founja Jungle that hosts a whole bunch of new Pokemon we've never snapped before. Let's get going!

After you join the Lental Region Research Team, Professor Mirror has a new ability for you: Fluffruit.

Fluffruit - New Pokemon Snap

You unlocked the Fluffruit! You can use Fluffruit during your research trips, throwing them at Pokemon you see to get them to interact with them. You can use them to wake up sleeping Pokemon and capture unique poses whilst they munch on them.

You'll also get introduced to a new feature called LenTalk Requests.

LenTalk can act as a guide to help you unlock new areas, albeit it's a bit of a mess and more of a way to get you to find new interesting Pokemon snaps. LenTalk can be accessed from the main menu by pressing the Y button; it will give you a list of Research Tasks you can accomplish in the courses you've unlocked. Sometimes these tasks won't be able to be completed until you level up the course more. Completing the tasks will unlock new Research Titles and Profile Badges.

Try out using your new Fluffruit in Florio Nature Park Day and Night courses.

Progression Target: Get the Florio Nature Park (Night) course to Level 2.

Once you reach Level 2 on Night course, Todd will show up at the Research Camp. A little brat named Phil turns up and Todd thinks it's a good idea to pair you two up.

You'll unlock a new course Belusylva - Founja Jungle.

Progression Target: Get Founja Jungle (Day) to Level 2

Once you hit level 2, you'll unlock Founja Jungle (Night) mode.

Progression Target: Snap Crystalbloom in Founja Jungle (Night)

Professor Mirror wants you to photograph a Crystalbloom in the dark. You can find one behind the Quagsire in the Founja Jungle (Night) course.

Illumina Orb

After completing the course and grabbing the shot, you'll be asked to go back to camp to speak with Professor Mirror. He will unlock the ability to use Illumina Orbs; throw them at Pokemon and Crystalblooms and watch as they glow! Pokemon will interact differently when in this state, so be sure to use them to grab some new shots for your Photodex.

Unfortunately, the Illumina Orbs only work on the Florio courses. 

Progression Target: Get the Founja Jungle (Night) to Level 2

Your next target should be to level up the Founja Jungle (Night) to level 2.

You will then unlock two new courses: Voluca - Sweltering Sands and Maricopia - Blushing Beach.

Unlock Melody Pokemon Snap

At this point, Todd also unlocks the ability to play a melody through your camera! This will allow you to unlock more poses in the other courses; asleep Pokemon will wake up and some will even dance.

Progression Target: Get your Sweltering Sands (Day) to Level 2

Progression Target: Get your Blushing Beach (Day) to Level 2

Before this guide ends, you should work on getting your Sweltering Sands (Day) to level 2; this will unlock Sweltering Sands Night mode.

Likewise, Blushing Beach to Level 2 will unlock the Maricopia Reef level.

That wraps up the this part of the New Pokemon Snap Walkthrough!

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