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New Pokemon Snap - The Finale! - Walkthrough Part 5

July 6, 2021

This is the final part of the New Pokemon Snap walkthrough where we finally get to see the last Illumina Pokemon!

After unlocking the Turbo Mode, you can now run through courses a lot faster, hopefully leveling up won't feel so much of a grind anymore. We recently just unlocked the Shiver Snowfields, so that's where we are headed first.

The Shiver Snowfields host some delightful new Pokemon for us to snap, including: Spheal, Piplup and Beartric!

Task: Reach Level 2 in Shiver Snowfields (Day)

Snowfields - New Pokemon Snap

Once you reach level 2 in your new ice field, Professor Mirror has an update for you.

He unlocks the Snowfields (Night) version for us! He also mentions for us to keep an eye out for the Illumina Phenomenom

Task: Take a photo of the Illumina Crystalbloom in Snowfields (night)

The Crystalbloom is deep down in an Ice Cave. You get about 2-3 seconds of viewing time to capture the shot so make sure you're paying attention.

Once you have the photo, Professor Mirror unlocks Illumina Orbs on Durice Island.

Task: Complete a Snowfields (night) course using the Illumina Orbs

It's not quite clear what triggers the next progression upgrade, but as soon as you do a course on the Snowfields (Night) course Professor Mirror summons you back.

Outaway Cave

We've now unlocked two new course: Blushing Beach (Night) and Outaway Cave. Let's first tackle Outaway Cave and see what new Pokemon appear!

Task: Complete Outaway Cave (day) 

In order to trigger the next progression, you need to open up the second route within Outaway Cave (day). You need to photograph every Pokemon + Crystalbloom available in the course.

This took us to about halfway through Level 2 and Professor Mirror will then note that he is picking up new Energy Readings from Outaway Cave.

Task: Take picture of the Crystalbloom in Outaway Cave (day) Crystals Route

When you do the course, you will go deeper into the cave and this time find new Pokemon within giant Crystals. Make sure to take a picture of the Crystalbloom too!

Professor Mirror will then call you back for new Research. They've located the final Illumina Pokemon on Durice Island. The Illumina Spot has been unlocked at Outaway Cave!

Task: Complete the Illumina Spot in Outaway Cave

This is an interesting Illumina Spot to complete. You need to throw around 3 Illumina Orbs for the Steelix to start glowing; if you capture without the glow it won't count. You also have to throw Fluffruit to lure it out and the Steelix is very fast- make sure you set your Camera pan settings to high!

Mural - New Pokemon Snap

When you do manage to get a good snapshot- there is a new cutscene where you're taken to a new place in the cave. Looks like there might be one final Illumina Pokemon to get!

When you return to the Research Camp, Professor Mirror says there is one last spot for you to explore. 

Aurus - Ruins Of Remembrance has been unlocked! This is the final spot for us to explore in our journey to solve the mysteries of Illumina Pokemon!

Task: Take a picture of the Crystalbloom in Aurus - Ruins Of Remembrance

Once you grab a snapshot of the Crystalbloom Illuminated you'll unlock Illumina Orbs for Aurus!

Task: Unlock the Elevator Of Life in Ruins Of Remembrance

Your next task is to unlock the Elevator Of Life. The what?

Elevator Of Life

You need to use your Illumina Balls on the Crystalblooms around the Oblisk in the center of the cave in Ruins Of Remembrance. There are four different ones to Illuminate: Blue, Orange, Green, Purple. Some are rather easy to spot (right next to the pools), others are hidden behind Pokemon (like the Golux). When all four have been lit, you then need to hit an Illumina Orb at the Crystalbloom in the center of all the other Crystalblooms that are Illuminated.

Once this is done, a cutscene will happen showing you the Elevator of Life

You'll head back to Professor Mirror who gives you the lowdown and unlocks the next Illumina Spot as Ruins Of Remembrance.

Task: Complete the Illumina Spot course in Ruins Of Remembrance

New Pokemon Snap - Xerneas

The final Illumina Pokemon turns out to be the Legendary Pokemon Xerneas! You need to throw some Illumina Orbs at Xerneas (who is a ball of light) to get him to come out. It's actually a really easy course to complete!

You can now find more Legendary Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap!

Congratulations! You've beat the New Pokemon Snap game- but don't worry, there's plenty more to discover in the game. This just concludes the story of the Illumina Pokemon.

Don't forget to check out the New Pokemon Snap - Photodex for all the Pokemon you still need to find!

You now also get access to Course Scores and Burst mode.

Course Scores are a new way to rank how well you've done in New Pokemon Snap when doing repeat courses.

Burst Mode is a new mode for your Camera that can be turned on in the settings. It allows you to take multiple shots of Pokemon in quick succession with a single tap of a button.

You should also have unlocked the new Maricopia Reef (Night) mode!

If you've got any suggestions for our New Pokemon Snap - Walkthrough, please let us know in the comments!

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