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MapleStory Erda Spectrum Guide

November 5, 2022

Erda Spectrum is a mini-game in MapleStory Vanishing Journey area that allows players to earn additional Vanishing Journey Arcane Symbols. The mini-game is considered a MapleStory Daily, as it can be completed up to 3 times a day. Each successful completion earns the player 2 Vanishing Journey Arcane Symbols that can be used to level up their VJ Arcane Symbol. This guide will show you how to complete Erda Spectrum.

Erda Spectrum Party Quest

Erda Spectrum can be found in the Vanishing Journey town in Arcane River. Speak to NPC Nina to start a round.

Whilst technically Erda Spectrum can be completed in a party quest, it can also be completed solo. There is no match-making for this mini-game, so you'll need to find players who want to partake if you don't want to solo.

Erda Spectrum can be completed up to 3 times a day. However, you can reduce the amount of attempts by unlocking Chu Chu Island and Lachelein. When these areas have been unlocked, you will get the opportunity to automatically complete those attempts and claim the rewards right away; you just have to make sure you complete at least one attempt in order to get the other 2 tries for free.

Each run of Erda Spectrum lasts around 5 minutes, depending on how quick you can defeat Vanishing Journey mobs.

Erda Spectrum First Stage

The first stage in Erda Spectrum is always the same. You enter a map where mobs from Vanishing Journey will spawn periodically and you must kill them in order to earn Erda power. You can see how much Erda power you have at the top of the screen, along with a timer of 10 minutes (if it reaches zero, game over!).

Erda Collector

The aim of the game is to collect enough Erda power to activate the Erda Collector. You will need around 100-200 Erda power in order to complete the stage, but if your Erda Collector runs out, you can collect more as long as you're within the time limit. Once you have 100+ Erda Power, press the Harvest key to activate the Erda Collector. As the next stage continues, your Erda power will slowly drop. If it reaches zero, the Erda Collector will stop working and you'll need to collect more Erda.

Harvest Erda Key

Once you activate the Erda Collector, a new game will start. This time you need to use your Basic attack key to generate orbs of Erda. The color of these orbs generated depends on what color the Erda Collector is glowing at the time of attacking it. These then need to pushed to the left or right depending on the color of the orb. You can push the orbs by using your harvest key.

Erda Orbs

Red Teleporter

At either side of the map are two teleporters. The color of these teleporters changes each round, and you need to hit your Erda orbs into these teleporters in order to gain points. Purple orbs can go to either but they also give 2 points each. You need to collect a total of 10 orbs.

Erda Plumes

Watch out for the plumes that randomly generate on the floor. If any of your orbs enter these plumes when they explode, they will be destroyed and you'll have to activate more orbs from the Erda Collector.

The stage ends once you have collected 10 Erda Orbs.

Erda Spectrum Second Stage

There are two different Erda Spectrum second stages that you can be put into once the first stage is completed.

Erda Spawn Portal

Second Stage Protector requires you to protect the Erda Collector from monsters which spawn from portals from your left and right. A max of 50 monsters can ever spawn, and if it reaches 50, it's game over. There is a counter at the top of the map which tells you how many monsters have spawned.

You need to periodically clear the mobs from the map as they spawn. The round lasts for 2 minutes and as it continues, more and more mobs will spawn faster. This round is easy to do if you can one-shot the mobs, otherwise you may need to party up with another player.

Arma Erda Collector

The other second stage you can get is to fend off the giant Arma, which is a snake like mob. During the stage, 2 Arma mobs will advance on your Erda Collector in the middle of the map. If either reach the center of the map, it will be game over.

In order to fend them off, you will need to press the harvest key to activate the Erda laser beam, which can be used to knock back the giant Arma monsters into the cave.

Arma Laser Beam

You need to knockback a total of 5 Arma in 2 minutes. Each time you activate the laser it consumes erda power. You can get more Erda power by defeating the Arma Follower mobs which spawn periodically.

Arma Invincible

When an Arma first spawns, they will have an invincibility shield around them, this is a good time to collect Erda power so you can use the laser for longer periods. Once the Erda is out of his cave more, the shield will disappear and you can use your Laser to knock him back.

Once 5 Arma have been knocked back into their caves, the round is over and you will be able to collect your Vanishing Journey Arcane Symbols.


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