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MapleStory HEROES

February 19, 2024

MapleStory Heroes is a group of classes you can create in MapleStory that came out after the MapleStory Big Bang update. The Heroes is made up of 6 characters, who sacrificed themselves to fight the Black Mage to ensure he was sealed away and protect Maple World. The 6 Heroes have now been made available and they are out to help protect the world again from the Black Mage and his commanders.

MapleStory Heroes Timeline

MapleStory Heroes began with the Aran patch back in 2009. The characters for MapleStory Heroes were not released one after another; there were plenty of other classes released in between Aran (first) and Shade (last). Below is the timeline for their release in MapleStory GMS:

  • Aran - Patch 80 - December 2009
  • Evan - Patch 84 - March 2010
  • Mercedes - Patch  104 - December 2011
  • Phantom - Patch 112 - July 2012
  • Luminous - Patch 124 - December 2012
  • Shade - Patch 151 - July 2014

As you can see, the release of all 6 Heroes spanned a total of 5 years. Since then, all the classes have gone through several revamps that make their original release feel very different. If you originally played these characters on release, you might find playing them now to be much better; the classes have been streamlined, removed clunky mechanics and all given damage buffs to help them keep up with the rest of MapleStory classes.

MapleStory Heroes Classes


Aran GMS

Aran is a warrior class that uses giant pole arms to smash up their enemies. They have a combo-mechanic system that allows them to build up their damage as they take on more and more monsters. Their combo system used to be very relevant to Aran's playstyle but now it is less important with Aran's revamp. Aran has a special mode that when Aran hits 1,000 combos, they activate Adrenaline Rush, allowing them to use devastating attacks for a short period.


Evan GMS

Evan is a mage class that utilizes its pet dragon Mir in battle. A combination of Mir attacking and Evan, they have some very flashy skills that make it very fun to play. The dragon Mir grows throughout Evan's job advancements, and there is even a 5th job skill in which Mir becomes a giant summon and attacks everything on the map.


Mercedes GMS

Mercedes relies heavily on it's combo-skills in order to deal damage to mobs. Many players find training Mercedes quite challenging due to the low damage and having to get a good rotation of all the attacking skills. Mercedes does provide one of the best Link Skills in the game, with a bonus 20% EXP at level 3. Mercedes is a bowman, and utilizes the Dual Bowgun weapons for attacking.


Phantom GMS

Phantom is one of the most popular classes in MapleStory, despite it not having some of the lowest DPS skills in the game. Phantom is a unique class in that you can steal skills from any MapleStory Explorer. This makes Phantom one of the most versatile classes in MapleStory; you can change your loadout to suit your needs, whether that's bossing or training, or farming for drops and mesos.


Luminous GMS

Luminous is one of the best farming classes in the game. They are a mage that uses the power of light and dark to cast powerful attacks that give it great map control and coverage. Their Reflection skill shoots out lightning to multiple mobs and then expands off to others, allowing Luminous characters to hit many mobs at once. Luminous was the first class to reach level 250 in GMS because of it's great mobbing skills.


Shade GMS

Coming 2 years later, Shade is a class that uses the spirits to help deal damage to mobs and bosses. Originally called EunWol, Shade is locked into their starting area from level 30, meaning you need to play at least some of the story quests. The story is actually one of the most saddest in Maple World, so it's well worth playing if you like MapleStory Lore.


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