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MapleStory Hungry Muto Guide - Chu Chu Island

November 5, 2022

Hungry Muto is a party quest in MapleStory that resides on Chu Chu Island. It allows players to obtain Chu Chu Island Arcane Symbols that can by used to further enhance their symbol level to gain Arcane Force and main stat. Hungry Muto can also be taken on solo, as long as the player has enough damage to defeat the mobs and good understanding of the mini-game mechanics. This guide will show you how Hungry Muto works, including all the items needed for his recipes.

Hungry Muto - How It Works

Hungry Muto requires you to be at least level 210 and unlocked the Chu Chu Island Arcane Symbol by doing the Chu Chu Island prequests in Arcane River. The game can be done in a party of up to 4 members, which will make it significantly easier (assuming all players know what they're doing).

A player can enter Hungry Muto 3 times a day, with those attempts being reduced to 1 when they unlock Lachelein and Arcana areas (you will still get the same amount of symbols).

Muto Bar

The overall aim of the game is to feed Hungry Muto so that he has enough strength to defeat Gulla. The player must find the right ingredients for the recipe presented by killing mobs around the Hungry Muto map. The recipe will be random each time, but the items always stay the same for each recipe. When Hungry Muto's health bar reaches to full, the game is over and the player can collect their symbols.

There are three different difficulty modes: Easy, Medium and Hard. Each mode will increase the amount of required Arcane Force to take on the mobs.

  • Easy: 100 Arcane Force - 1 Arcane Symbol
  • Normal: 100 Arcane Force - 1-3 Arcane Symbols
  • Hard: 200 Arcane Force - 3-5 Arcane Symbols

The amount of Symbols depends on the rank you achieve at the end of the round. Rank is based on how fast you complete the party quest. For easy mode, time does not matter (you only get 1 symbol per run).

A run can be ranked B, A or S rank.

  • B Rank - clear
  • A Rank - clear under 8 minutes
  • S Rank - Clear under 5 minutes

Normal mode will give you B=1 symbol, A=2 symbols, S=3 symbols. Hard mode will give you B=3 Symbols, A=4 Symbols, S=5 Symbols.

As you can see, with 3 runs you can obtain up to 15 Chu Chu Island Arcane Symbols per day from this daily, which makes it the fastest Arcane Symbol to level up. If you struggle to clear solo, try finding a friend to do it with either in a Guild or waiting in the Hungry Muto entrance map on channel 1. Players who have high Arcane Force can carry other players too.

Hungry Muto Map

The Hungry Muto map is sectioned into different areas for each mob. Depending on what Recipe you've been asked, each platform can have a cluster of one of two different mobs.

When you attack them, they have a chance to drop the ingredient needed. The mobs are affected by Drop Rate, so if you have any Drop Rate gear, equip it before you take on Hungry Muto. You can also use Decent Holy Symbol, which can give a 15% Item Drop boost.

Hungry Muto Map

Players will need to move around the map to get the ingredients needed. You can only get one specific ingredient at one time; trying to get a different ingredient to the one you've already collected will overwrite your current one.

You'll notice that on your Recipe, there is a Cooking Time timer with a Bonus line. If you manage to get all the ingredients before the Bonus, you will complete Hungry Muto faster.

Once you have your ingredients, head to the center platform to turn them in automatically.

Hungry Muto Recipes

When playing Hungry Muto, a random Recipe is chosen for your party to collect the ingredients for. For Hard Mode, some of the ingredients can appear hidden, so you will have to either remember the recipe ingredients, or use the cheat sheet below.

Gamey SoupFruit Salad

Juicy BunsNummy Noodles

Spicy SausageChewy Porridge

Funky PizzaDumpling Delights

Savory Stir FryWeird Wrap

Mystery RoastBerry Bouquet

Yucky Pickles

Hungry Muto Tips

  • Get as much Drop Rate gear as possible. Some classes have extra drop rate skills, such as Bishop's Holy Symbol (+50% drop rate). You can also get drop rate from your Inner Ability.
  • Arcane Force will make this mini-game a lot easier to solo. Once you can one-shot the mobs, you can easily solo hard mode without any other players.
  • If doing it with other players, make sure the strongest players go for the ingredients with 10 quantity or after the Slurpy Tree, as those mobs have the most health/take the longest.
  • You can use the teleporters around the map to help with mobility if your class struggles with moving.
  • You can do the Easy/Normal modes when you have low Arcane Force or getting used to the game to get used to the rules.


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