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MapleStory Race To Level 300: Niru hits Level 299!

February 16, 2024

The race to hit Level 300 in MapleStory is almost over as GMS player Niru has just hit level 299! This remarkable achievement signifies the end of a two-year long race to max level 300.

MapleStory raised the level-cap to Level 300 from Level 275 in the Neo Update Version 223, which was released on June 08, 2021! Now, almost 3 years later, the first player to reach Level 300 is about to happen!

MapleStory player Niru, who streams regularly on Twitch, recently achieved Level 299! When the Level Cap of 300 was first introduced, it was originally thought you wouldn't be able to hit this cap until the year 2025 at the earliest.

New Age

However, MapleStory has introduced some new updates that include the brand new 6th job, new higher-level areas and EXP events that have helped Niru along the way to achieving Level 299.

If and when Niru does reach Level 300, he will be the first player to reach Level 300 in all versions of MapleStory! Which is a remarkable achievement considering the high-level updates are released a lot earlier in MapleStory Korea.

It is expected that Niru will reach Level 300 in 90 days time, at the end of April 2024! You can check out the official MapleStory Rankings on the GMS website.

The next closest player to Niru in the rankings is only level 295, so Niru has a huge lead in the race to 300!

Frenzy Totem 

However, one advantage that GMS players have over KMS players is the Frenzy Totem item. This item increases the spawn rate of monsters on maps, allowing them to earn more EXP than the regular spawn rate in KMS!

Niru's earns around 400 million mesos per hour whilst training, and shows the amount of Mesos he currently has on stream (over 100 billion!).

What level are you in MapleStory?

If you want to see what it's like to train at these high-level areas in MapleStory, you can watch Niru stream on Twitch. It takes hundreds of hours to level up at this range and Niru has been training daily for the last few years! It has even sparked concerns about his health on MapleStory Reddit.

Niru plays on the GMS server Aurora and plays as a Bishop Class. Niru also has three vac-pets that help him loot the entire map as he moves around.


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Go niru!

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