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How To Make Mesos In MapleStory Reboot

November 5, 2022

MapleStory Reboot World is a server that allows you to progress mainly by using mesos. The server attempts to bring MapleStory back to it's original RPG roots, removing many of the pay2win features seen in regular servers. Reboot Worlds allow players to purchase items such as Red Cubes and Black Cubes with Mesos directly from the CashShop. That being said, as you continue your adventure in MapleStory, you'll likely need to acquire millions, if not billions, of mesos to progress to the end game bosses. This guide will show you all the ways you can earn mesos in MapleStory Reboot Worlds.

MapleStory Reboot Worlds

At the time of writing this guide, there are two Reboot worlds in MapleStory GMS. There is a Reboot World in the North America region and one in the Europe region. The North America Reboot World is the most popular world in MapleStory (including regular servers). EU Reboot has a very small population, however, the nature of Reboot world is mostly solo progression, so having a popular world is definitely not necessary.

Reboot Worlds have unique differences to regular worlds.

  • Mobs drop 5x more mesos and items than regular servers
  • Players get a passive damage buff as they level up
  • Spell Traces sell for 5k mesos each
  • You can purchase certain items that would cost NX in regular worlds for mesos, such as Hyper Teleport Rock, Safety Charms, Buff Freezers, Pendant Slots and more.

Red CubeRed CubeRed CubeRed CubeBlack CubeBlack CubeBlack CubeBlack Cube

There are two main areas of progression that you'll be using your mesos on:

  • Cubing
  • Star Forcing

Cubing is where you add potentials to your items and use cube items from the CashShop (purchasable with mesos) to upgrade those potentials. This is usually players first area they upgrade their character's items with as it provides quick gains. Some players like to save their mesos until Double Miracle Time events to be more efficient.

Star Forcing is relatively cheap during the early stars. However, when you get to end-game, you're likely going to need billions and billions of mesos to upgrade.

Thus, being able to farm plenty of mesos in Reboot Worlds is key to progressing. There are several ways to earn mesos in Reboot Worlds; some of them require putting in lots of time and effort, others you can do casually.

Meso Farming Kanna - Arkanna

The best way to earn mesos currently is to use the Kanna class and farm mobs in Arcana in Arcane River. This is the best class for farming because it has the Kishin Shoukan skill which increases spawn of mobs on the map. The class also has lots of skills that have lots of map coverage, allowing you to clear the whole map for max efficiency.

Unfortunately, getting a Kanna to Arcana in Arcane River takes a lot of dedication. You need to train your Kanna to around Level 230-235, have enough damage to 1-shot Arcana mobs (around 5-8million range), max out your nodes and have enough Arcane Force for double damage. Having an Arkanna is like having a second main because you have to progress like a main account in terms of cubing and acquiring gear.

You can use our MapleStory Farmer Timer to setup alerts of when to loot mesos.

You don't have to make an Arkanna to progress in Reboot World. Only the most dedicated players will make one; they provide the best rates currently (around 600mil mesos an hour). If you have a main account that isn't a Kanna, you can still make around 400mil/hour, see below for Main Account Farming.

To get your Arkanna ready for Arcana, you'll need:

  • 120% Mesos Increase Gear (including 20% inner ability)
  • Decent Drop Rate Gear (the higher the better, but aim for around 100-200%)
  • Familiar's with Drop Rate
  • High-level nodes for main skills
  • 540 Arcane Force
  • 5-8million in damage range
  • Wealth Acquisition Potion (+20% mesos)
  • Wealth Legion Coupon (+50% mesos)

Main Account Farming

The second-best method for farming in Reboot is to use your main account instead of a Kanna.

In order to get good rates, you will need to purchase an item from the CashShop called Wild Totem. This item grants the Kishin Shoukan skill to players for 2 hours (increases map spawn).

Wild Totem Reward Points

Unfortunately, you need to use Reward Points to buy the Wild Totem, which can be gotten from various tedious in-game events, such as defeating bosses daily. Another issue with the Wild Totem is that you are limited to 15 a month, so if you plan on farming 30 hours or more a month, you might want to consider an Arkanna. Even still, the 2 hour time limit on totem's cannot be paused, so you need to make sure you're actually going to be farming for that 2 hour period. It's not the most comfortable way to farm on MapleStory, but it means you don't have to fund another character.

Reward Points are tricky to get, but sometimes MapleStory releases events that allow you to get them in abundance.

Since your Main Account is constantly going to be upgraded as you play, you will be able to enjoy the progression aspect and play a MapleStory class that you actually find fun. You can also use your Main Account to farm at lower-level maps other than Arcana. You can still get some decent rates at other popular farming maps, such as Chu Chu Island: Slurpy Forest Depths (Level 213), Lachelein: Revelation Place 3 (224).

The max level of your Arkanna shouldn't go above 247. After 247, your character will start getting mesos rate penalties for being too high a level in Arcana (the mobs are level 237).

To get the best rates, you want to cube a secondary set of gear for Mesos Increase potential. You can get a max of 100% mesos on your equipment items (around 5 items, unless you get double lines).

  • 120% Mesos Increase Gear (including 20% inner ability)
  • Decent Drop Rate Gear (the higher the better, but aim for around 100-200%)
  • Familiar's with Drop Rate
  • High-level nodes for main skills
  • 540 Arcane Force
  • 5-10million in damage range
  • Wealth Acquisition Potion (+20% mesos)
  • Wealth Legion Coupon (+50% mesos)

There are other benefits other than mesos for making an Arkanna:

  • Legion Board
  • Nodestone farming
  • Droplet farming
  • Second main to take on bosses

Maple Tour Mesos

Maple Tour is a new area added exclusively to MapleStory GMS. It was introduced when low-level farming was nerfed as a way to give players new to Reboot World a way of earning a decent amount of Mesos. Maple Tour is pretty much like Monster Park, in which you fight the same dungeon over and over again to earn a fixed amount of mesos.

Maple Tour

You can enter twice a day for free. Then you can pay for an extra 5 times a day using Maple Points (300 Maple Points per entry, around $0.30). Unfortunately, this is one aspect of Reboot World that is Pay2Win.

If you maxed out your entries each day and played the highest level dungeon (level 200+), you can earn around 190mil a day. It's a very easy way to make mesos without putting in much effort; the only issue is that you have to pay Maple Points to do all your runs.

Ursus Golden Time

Ursus is a raid boss that up to 18 players can fight together. It doesn't require much in terms of damage or organization to take him down and he can be killed 3 times a day for the rewards. Each time you defeat Ursus, he gives Mesos to players who did well in the fight.

Ursus S Result

There is a specific time of day where the rewards from Ursus is doubled, called Golden Ursus TIme. Players who get Rank S will be rewarded around 30mil mesos per run, allowing you to earn up to 90-100mil a day for not much effort. If you join a guild, you can easily form a group to take down Ursus.

Boss Crystals

When you defeat a boss, they will drop what is called a Intense Power Crystal. Depending on the difficulty of the boss, the Intense Power Crystal sells for a lot of mesos. You can sell up to 50 crystals a week per world, so ideally you want to take on the toughest bosses on your characters to maximize the amount you earn. For example, defeating the Chaos Root Abyss bosses will drop crystals worth around 40mil each, allowing you to get a quick profit.

Intense Power CrystalIntense Power CrystalIntense Power CrystalIntense Power CrystalIntense Power Crystal

If you have multiple characters capable of taking down the CRA bosses, you can sell multiple Boss Crystals each week, netting you a tidy profit for not much effort. The problem is of course gearing multiple characters to have enough damage to take down CRA Bosses.


Those are pretty much all the main methods for earning mesos in Reboot Worlds. For casual players, you'll want to stick to Maple Tour and Boss Crystals as you main income source. You can still make a billion or so mesos a week doing this and it doesn't require hours and hours of your time.

For those looking to get to end-game fast, you'll definitely want to make an Arkanna farmer. One piece of 22-star equipment can cost up to 30 billion mesos, so it's best to maximize your rates if you intend to get there fast. If you don't mind a slower progression, main account farming is the best method for most people.


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