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Best MapleStory Classes - Top Picks!

May 11, 2022

MapleStory has over 40 playable classes that users can create and deciding which is the best MapleStory class to play can be a bit of a headache for new players. This guide will list our favorite MapleStory classes and give you our verdict on what you should be playing!

This guide isn't ranking the classes based solely on damage output; instead we look at everything from utilities, mechanics and how fun a class is to play. Let us know in the comments what your favorite MapleStory class is and why it deserves a spot on our list!

#1 - Adele

Adele MapleStory

Adele was released in July 2020 so it is still one of the newest classes in MapleStory. There is a pattern in MapleStory that new classes often are released heavily buffed and then get nerfed into oblivion after six or twelve months. Well it's been over 2 years since release and Adele is still flying high as one of the strongest classes in MapleStory.

Not only is Adele's skillset incredibly strong, she is also very mobile in terms of getting around maps. Many of the end-game maps in MapleStory are quite large, and with an upcoming nerf to spawn enhancers, having a class that can travel across large maps is very useful.

Adele's main attacking skills are very easy to use; you can summon flying swords to hit mobs around you and she has an incredible 5th job burst skill called Infinity Blade. But just because a job does lots of damage, it still needs to appeal to maplers- well Adele looks fantastic and many of it's skill animations flow very well. It's one of the best designed classes in MapleStory.

#2 - Kanna


Kanna is a class that doesn't feature in the original MapleStory version KMS. Instead, this class comes from JMS and is a part of the Sengoku class lineup.

Kanna is one of the top damage classes in the game. They have the longest Bind in MapleStory, great map control with placement summons and giant hitboxes for their main attacks. They can also teleport around the map at will, making them extremely versatile.

Their main skill that everyone uses and loves is Kishin Shoukan. This skill is actually getting nerfed soon, turning it from a spawn booster to an EXP Buff. So enjoy it whilst you can!

Despite the nerf, Kanna is still a great class to play and is often recruited for end-game bosses.

#3 - Phantom


Phantom is a unique class in MapleStory as it can steal skills from other classes! This unique mechanic allows it to be incredibly versatile and when it was first released, Phantom was one of the most popular classes played. However, as time went on, Phantom was hit with many nerfs and other classes overtook it in terms of damage output. Phantom sits quite low on the DPS scale, but that isn't deterring us from putting him on this list.

The ability to change your skill loadout is one that makes Phantom immensely popular and interesting. You're able to change your skills for specific maps, grinding and bossing.

Another great thing about Phantom is their survivability in bosses. End-game bosses are all about wiping you out with one-hit shots, and Phantom has several Invincible Skills that allow him to tank those 1-hit KO attacks.

#4 - Ice & Lightning Arch Mage

Ice Lightning

Despite being one of the oldest classes in MapleStory, I/L Arch Mage are one of the best training classes in MapleStory. They have lots of skills that they can use to control map spawn, especially when you get to 5th job. It's Ice Age skill will wipe out the entire map for 15 seconds and then you can place down Spirit Of Snow to take over.

It's Chain Lightning skill is not as good as Lumionous's Reflection, but it still hits good and chains to other enemies on the map.

As an Explorer Class, Ice & Lightning Arch Mage can job switch to another class also, so you get the benefit of being able to chop and change!

#5 - Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Released over a decade ago, Demon Slayer is part of the Resistance Class of MapleStory characters. Demon Slayer is unique in that it has no MP and tons of HP! Instead of using MP, Demon Slayer use Demon Fury to cast their skills, which you can generate using your Demon Lash main attack skill. These days, many MapleStory classes have unique mechanics, but Demon's Slayer removal of MP and replaced with DF was a brand new concept.

Demon Slayer excel when their Attack Speed breaks the cap, so when using this class you'll want to use Monster Park Green Potions.

Demon Slayer are very easy to train early on and as you get towards end-game as their skill Infernal Concussion has a huge hit-box and you can just spam it whilst flash jumping across maps. You'll rarely need to pause to manage your Demon Fury, now that Hyper Points are a thing.

#6 - Lara


The newest class in MapleStory is Lara (2021) and she is a Anima class that can summon spirits to deal damage for her. Her unique mechanics require you to hit generated veins all over the map, that explode with damage when you use Eruption on them. Lara hasn't received many big nerfs since release, so she has high damage and great mobility.

If you like cute aesthetics, Lara is the MapleStory Class for you.

Lara is one of the best mobbers in MapleStory, if not the best. She can full clear most maps by activating the various veins that spawn, making her great for larger maps. She also can setup on her teleporting portals, allowing for better map rotation.

#7 - Angelic Buster

Angelic Buster

Angelic Buster is a Nova Pirate class that shoots out bullets using it's Soul Shooter weapon. This class doesn't consume MP, instead they charge their skills using Affinity Skills and alternating between several hard-hitting damage attacks.

This class is unique in that is has only one gender and it's pink theme is very much a female based class.

Angelic Buster has amazing mobility; it's flash jump is a lot better than most classes and has a 0-second cooldown grappling hook skill for reaching higher platforms. This class does require a bit of funding to get it to one-shot mobs, but once it can do that, you'll clear maps faster than most classes with insane EXP rates.

#8 - Ark


Ark is another modern MapleStory class that has plenty of skills to manage. The most unique part of this class is that it transforms into it's Spectre mode, where your skills do increased damage until the gauge depletes. The key to playing this class is to never let the gauge fully deplete by canceling your Spectre form before it ends. Then you use your normal skills to charge it back up.

Ark has great mobbing and bossing skills, and very good mobility for getting around maps with plenty of platforms due to it's teleporting diagonal skills. Ark is a Flora Pirate class, and uses Knuckles as its main weapon type.

#9 - Kain


Kain was introduced in 2021 as a Nova Bowman class. Kain has some unique mechanics with charging its Malice gauge, as well as earning buffs from performing execute skills during the later stages of the class. The mobility of this class is top-tier, with lots of teleporting skills to get you around the largest maps in MapleStory.

Kain's main mobbing skill isn't the greatest as its hit box is kind of small compared to many other better classes, but the mobility of Kane makes it great when training in smaller maps.

#10 - Hoyoung


Hoyoung is an Anima Thief class released in 2019 and still retains a lot of it's early damage boosts to make it one of the best classes in MapleStory to play. The class is very easy to train with from level 1-200 and gets a bit more complicated once you hit 5th job. You're rewarded with great DPS though, which allows for wiping out bosses.

On smaller maps, Hoyoung can really shine, using very few skills and wiping out the entire maps. On larger maps, you'll have to use certain skill combos to get around and clear the map fully.

Let us know what your favorite MapleStory classes are in the comments!


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