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MapleStory GMS: Angelic Buster Remaster Release Date set for June 2024!

April 30, 2024

MapleStory GMS recently released their latest Maple Memo detailing the Roadmap for GMS and in it they included when we are going to see the brand new Angelic Buster Remaster!

Maple Memos are released every fiscal quarter and detail all the upcoming updates that are planned for GMS. They usually include the main big patches that the game is likely to receive, allowing players to plan for upcoming events!

The roadmaps are also not set in stone, and things can change, but they are usually pretty reliable for Maplers.

Angelic Buster Remaster Release Date

Angelic Buster Remaster

Angelic Buster is the latest class in MapleStory to be getting the remaster treatment. It has been released in KMS for some time and it's finally coming to GMS in the June update (our big Summer Patch!).

Originally released in in 2013 as part of the MapleStory GMS patch V126 - Tempest update, Angelic Buster has seen it's class fall to the wayside as other classes received updates.

The new update of Angelic Buster will revamp most of the skills and also give the class a brand new look, whilst still keeping the Angelic Buster style of old.

The class was heavily promoted in Korean MapleStory and they even released a song and music video to celebrate it.

From the Maple Memo:

Our queen of music, Angelic Buster, has blessed us with her return! In addition to her new look that is cuter and lovelier than ever, check out the newly changed skills. She’s also releasing her first mini album for you loyal fans, so we better see Angelic Buster as one of your top listened to artists in your 2024 Wrapped!

Angelic Buster Controversy

With the release of the Angelic Buster revamp in KMS, it also caused an uproar among KMS players.

The Angelic Buster promotional art released included the character performing a gesture that many players felt was aimed at degrading men. Due to this, KMS had the character art promo revamped again, including removing the gesture from all in-game images whilst Nexon investigated the issue.

MapleStory May Anniversary Update 2024

Ma Update 2024

The next MapleStory update for GMS is the May Anniversary patch which is version 250!

This update is actually going to be very big and includes a brand new class: Forest Child Lynn.

Forest Child Lynn is going to be replacing the Beast Tamer class, with brand new skills and look to the character.

The patch will also include brand new anniversary events, which are usually very worthwhile for players to partake in as they give lots of rewards for very little effort!

The patch will see you visit Mayple Island, a special place where you can obtain Wish Orbs:

Welcome to Mayple Island! Yes, we named it Mayple because it’s occurring in May! Mayple Island is a place that was created from the sparkling memories of Maplers. Meet those from your memories and receive abundant gifts by filling the Wish Orb that contains the dreams and hopes of people. The more you fill the Wish Orb, the better the rewards you’ll receive! Plus, there will be fun mini-games, photo booths, popularity contests, and other unique experiences throughout the event, including a museum exhibit where you can win OG Maple items. Don’t miss out and experience them all!

It even looks like OG items will be making a return!

Previously, we got an update from Inkwell, who is overseeing the development of Global MapleStory, stating that controversial changes to MapleStory in KMS will NOT be coming to GMS!


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