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MapleStory N (NFT) Servers Revealed? MapleStory Universe NEW preview!

February 5, 2024

More and more previews are being teased for the upcoming NFT MapleStory Universe project including a screenshot of the server select screen for the MMORPG MapleStory N.

The screenshot, shared on the official twitter page, shows off five new servers for the MapleStory N, an MMORPG based on MapleStory that incorporates NFTs, Crypto and Blockchain technology. For those who have played the original MapleStory, this screenshot will look very familiar!

MapleStory N Server Select

The world names listed are:

  • Ain
  • Errai
  • Fang
  • Polaris
  • Nunki
  • Okab

Some of these server names seem related to various Cryptocurrency projects, but whether these will be the servers released at launch remains to be seen. This is obviously an in-development screenshot, so design and developer decisions can change before official release.

Interestingly enough, the server select screen is almost identical to modern MapleStory that is currently available. This could be a huge hint as to what kind of version MapleStory N will be releasing at as it is using modern interfaces instead of the old-school classic MapleStory.

This could mean popular MapleStory classes and jobs will be available from launch, including the new classes Lara, Kain and and Khali.

MapleStory N is a part of the MapleStory Universe project that aims to incorporate Cryptocurrencies into the game's foundation. It will be comprised of several different projects, including MapleStory N (MMORPG), MapleStory N SDK and MapleStory N Mobile. The idea is that by using Blockchain technology, players will have control over their items and be able to move them in and out of projects that support the MapleStory N NFTs.

MapleStory N plans to have: 

  • No Pre-sale of NFTs
  • All items obtained through gameplay
  • Nexon plans to generate revenue for creators and itself through fees on trades of NFTs

Wallet Connect

We've still yet to see official gameplay released for MapleStory N, but all signs point towards an imminent release. We've been getting some great previews recently, including a Connect Wallet screen grab and the new MapleStory Universe Intro Music.

The MapleStory Universe project was announced in June 2022 in a lengthy presentation and has so far not been launched in any country. Whether the game will come to the west first or MapleStory's home country South Korea hasn't been mentioned- but so far all previews have been with English interface and translations.

You can find more about the MapleStory Universe Project on their official site.


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