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MapleStory Spirit Savior Guide

November 5, 2022

Spirit Savior is a mini-game in MapleStory Arcana region that allows players to earn Arcana Arcane Symbols. The mini-game can be one of the most frustrating for players looking to get more Arcane Force, as the game heavily favors mobility classes. Spirit Savior is available from Level 225 once the prequests of Arcana have been completed.

Spirit Savior - How It Works

Spirit Savior can be accessed from Arcana: Grove of the Spirit Tree. It can be entered 3 times per day, but you can unlock automatic clears by completing the Morass and Esfera prequests. Look for Escape Rock Spirit NPC to enter the Spirit Savior mini-game.

The good news is that Spirit Savior doesn't scale with damage like Dream Defender. Once you can one-shot the Spirit Rocks (or even two-shot), the game becomes a lot easier.

Spirit Savior Map

The game begins in the Spirit Savior map, where there are 4 Bounded Rock Spirits scattered around the map. Your job is to free them and return them to the bottom-center of the map to escape. Each game lasts 3 minutes long.

Mini-map Large

Pro Tip: Make your mini-map the large version by pressing M key. This will help you plan your route when saving the Bounded Rock Spirits.

Bounded Rock SpiritRock Spirit Free

To free a Bounded Rock Spirit, you must first attack them to free them, and then press the harvest key to collect them.

You can free up to a max of 5 Rock Spirits at once before returning them to the Safe Zone; when you release a Bounded Rock Spirit, a new one will spawn elsewhere on the map. The map above shows the possible spawn locations of the Bounded Rock Spirits. When you've collected a Rock Spirit, it will appear beside you as you move around the map.

As you can see, the map is quite large and can be quite difficult to navigate with a class that has bad mobility. There are several teleports on the map which will fling you across the map, helping you get to the other side faster.

Toxic Spirit Max Form

When you release your first Bounded Rock Spirit, you will spawn a Toxic Spirit which will chase you around the map. The Toxic Spirit gets bigger and faster the more Bounded Rock Spirits you release. It has 5 different stages, so once you have released 5 Bounded Spirits the Toxic Spirit will be at its most dangerous form.

Max Toxic Spirit Message

When the Toxic Spirit is at max form, you will see the message above on your screen.

If the Toxic Spirit touches your character, any Rock Spirits that you have released (but not saved) will be reset and you will also lose a portion of your Defense. If your defense hits 0, it will be game over.

The aim of the game is to get your Bounded Rock Spirits to the Safe Zone, which is located at the bottom of the map at the center. Once you enter the safe zone, the Toxic Spirit disappears and resets, along with your Spirit Rock count. You get more points the more Bounded Spirits you save at once.

  • 1 Rock Spirit Saved = 200 Points
  • 2 Rock Spirit Saved = 500 Points
  • 3 Rock Spirit Saved = 1000 Points
  • 4 Rock Spirit Saved = 1500 Points
  • 5 Rock Spirit Saved = 2500 Points

As you can see, the best way to rack up a lot of points is to try and save 5 Spirit Rocks at once. You don't get anymore points if you try and save more than 5.

Blue Orbs

Spirit Savior Points Defense

There are also little floating blue orbs called Blue Orbs that when hit you, take off some of your defense. They spawn more frequently as the game goes on. They travel around the maps towards the flowers, usually in horizontal and verticle lines. Remember, that if your defense runs to 0, the game is over.

Spirit Savior Rewards

The amount of points you earn gets converted into Spirit Coins when the round is over. 1000 points = 1 Spirit Coin and you can get a total of 30 Spirit Coins from your three runs (so if you've unlocked the automatic clears then you only need to get 10,000 points in your first game).

You can then convert your Spirit Coins into Arcana Arcane Symbols at a rate of 3 coins = 1 symbol. That means you can get a max of 10 Arcana Symbols per day.


  • If you struggle with getting around the map, use the Teleporters. The speed of the Toxic Spirit at max can outpace many characters, so you will need to use these teleporters to help you get across the map. Don't forget about Jump Down and double jump moves too!
  • If you find yourself struggling to one-shot the Bounced Spirit Rocks, you will probably want to save less than 5 at one time until you become strong enough. Having to hit the Bounced Rock Spirits multiple times will slow you down heavily and allow the Toxic Spirit to hit you.
  • Whenever you release a Bounded Rock Spirit, the Toxic Spirit disappears for 2 seconds and returns upgraded until its max form. Those 2 seconds can be used to navigate away from the spirit and add some distance between you.
  • Make your Mini-Map the large view, so you can see all the positions of the Bounded Rock Spirits and plan your route.
  • With a max of 30,000 points needed per day, if you get 15,000 points in two games, you don't need to do a third game. If you have unlocked the automatic clears, you only need to get 10,000 points in your first game.
  • If you really hate the Spirit Savior mini-game, you can use the Arcane River Fast Pass to pay 300 Maple Points for a clear.


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