New MapleStory Class: Lara

New MapleStory Class: Lara

calendar_todayPosted on 24th June 2021

It was teased at the last Korean MapleStory Summer update video that a new MapleStory class would be releasing this summer in KMS. The latest preview video has been released and we get our first glimpse at the newest MapleStory class: Lara.

Lara is an Anima Mage that utilizes the spirits to deal damage to mobs around her. The class has been released in the KMST (test server) and players have already had a chance to check out all the skills Lara possess.

Lara Spirts

Lara Spirits Adult

Lara looks to be able to possess the spirits of Wind, Water, Sun and Earth!

Check out the Lara Skill Build Guide here.

KMST is a test server that allows players from Korea to try out new MapleStory classes before they're released. There can be significant changes to the class made before its official release so take the notes below with a pinch of salt!

Note: KMS is the original version of MapleStory and patches get ported over to other versions once they have been officially released.

  • Lara is going to be one of the only Mages to have a flash jump rather than a teleport skill.
  • Lara Link Skill is set to be 5% damage increase, with a 11% Damage Buff that activates after hitting 20 monsters with a cooldown.
  • Lara Legion Bonus is +INT
  • Can be Male or Female
  • Uses Wands
  • Will be an Anima Mage (same class type as Hoyoung)
  • Has a Revive Skill

You can see the announcement video below:

When will Lara release in GMS?

Update (28/10/2021): Lara will be released in GMS on 1st December 2021! Check out the pre-registration event that you can complete now for extra items when playing your new Lara class.

If you're not familiar with KMS updates, usually Global MapleStory will get the update 6 months after they are released in KMS.

Thus, the Lara update should be coming to GMS this winter 2021.

Also, it is not known whether the class name will be called Lara in GMS as sometimes localization teams will change things around. The last two classes Adele and Kain have kept their original names but MapleSea renamed Kain to Kaine.

If you're looking to play this class when it releases, why not check out our New MapleStory Class Preparation Guide to help fund your new Lara class!

When Lara does release in GMS, we will have a Skill Build Guide ready for you to play and jump right in.

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