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Games Like MapleStory

June 25, 2024

If you're looking for MapleStory alternatives, then this guide has you covered! MapleStory is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG with unique mechanics that have caused it to still be popular 20 years after release!

Whilst there are many MMORPGs for you to choose, finding games like MapleStory is more difficult. The game uses cute pixel art and has an addictive progression system that allows players to put in hundreds of hours or just play casually.

MapleStory was first released in South Korea in 2003 and went on to be released as Global MapleStory in 2005. Since then, it's gone through hundreds of updates and changes, making it one of the most popular MMORPGs for free-to-play players.

We'll take a look at similar games to MapleStory in this guide; we'll look at whether they're free-to-play or require a subscription, how grindy the games are and their overall popularity.

Similar Games To MapleStory



Latale is almost as old as MapleStory is and it offers the same gameplay style: it's a 2D Side-Scrolling MMORPG. It even originates from the same country as MapleStory (South Korea) and launched in 2006.

It has 13 classes available to play, is free-to-play and has a level cap of 235- however, it also has the Ascension system, allowing players to reach a cap of 9999!

The game has had a troubled history of game providers, having been shut down multiple times and picked up again. It now has been running since 2017 by Papaya Play and just recently celebrated the 7th Anniversary update.

Heartwood Online

Heartwood Online MMO

Heartwood Online is a relatively new-comer to the MMORPG scene and it's run by a couple of indie developers. However, if you like a game with grind, Heartwood Online is for you! The game currently has four different classes, plenty of different professions and recently introduced Fishing to the game.

The gameplay uses a pixel 2d top-down approach. Players can level up by training on monsters near their level, hunt down area bosses for the rarest loot and learn a number of different professions.

There are huge updates being prepared, with the Shadowfang Update set to introduce high-level content for players.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMORPG by SmileGate that has been very popular in South Korea since 2014. It was recently published in the west by Amazon, allowing audience to experience the game in English for the first time.

It's one of the most popular MMORPGs on Steam, with almost 200,000 Positive Reviews and had popular streamers playing the game for on release.

The game has a Diablo 4 like-style gameplay, where you complete quests, hunt monsters and slowly level-up. Whilst the max level is 50, you progress further by reaching end-game dungeons and increasing the power of your gear.


Runescape MMORPG

If you've never heard of RuneScape, you must be very new to the internet. RuneScape was one of the first MMORPGs, releasing in 2001 with the ability for the game to be played in your Web Browser through the use of Java.

The game now has two versions; Old School RuneScape ( a classic version of the game from 2007) or RuneScape (once known as RuneScape 2). Both games are regularly updated with new content, including the OSRS version getting updates based on community votes.

MapleStory M

MapleStory M

If you've still got your MapleStory itch but want to try a different version of the game, you can check out MapleStory M.

MapleStory M is a mobile version of the game, which keeps the MapleStory charm and progression systems, but with new mechanics, skills and items. The game is more casual, with the ability to have the game play for you, plenty of monetization and doesn't quite have the same fluidity as the main game.

MapleStory M is on both Android and Apple's IOS platform.

Other versions of Maplestory are coming soon too: MapleStory Worlds is set to launch in 2024 and you can also play MapleStory Universe soon.


Elsword MMORPG

Elsword is 2.5D MMORPG that was developed in the late 2000s, releasing in various regions around the world. It's still going to this day, being run by KOG Games.

There are 15 different characters to play, offering the same classic side-scrolling gameplay allowing you to beat up monsters with real time combat. The game's combat is what makes Elsword so fun, with dungeons to complete for loot and bosses to grind for the best items.



Do you remember Dofus? This was a very popular MMORPG back in the early 2000s, offering free-to-play gameplay with a grid-based tactical battle system.

Dofus is still around today, with over 19 different classes to play. It has one of the best artstyles of any MMORPG and has consistently received game updates over the game's lifespan.

Whilst the gameplay isn't exactly like MapleStory, it does offer an MMORPG experience similarly, with grinding levels, getting gear from bosses and upgrading your items.

Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online

Many MapleStory fans recommend playing Dungeon Fighter Online as an alternative to playing MapleStory. It's not surprising when it's developer Neople is actually a subsidiary of Nexon (MapleStory's developer).

Dungeon Fighter Online has been around since 2005, so the graphics are a little dated. However, the game is still running today with fresh new content updates; there are 16 characters with over 60 different advancements for players to try out. The game has a fatigue system which consumes points upon entering dungeons.

Games You May Remember Like MapleStory

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for MMORPGs to survive for very long due to the huge cost of development and the increased competition in the area.

Many games go down with a whimper, but still, you may have played some of these games below that were often recommended as MapleStory Alternatives.



Wonderking is still going in Korea, but unfortunately the English version of the game was shut down in 2011. It had a similar gameplay style to MapleStory, with job advancements, 2D Side scrolling pixel art and grindy levels.

MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2

Another game that was shut down was MapleStory 2. This was a 3D version of MapleStory, with a interesting block-cube like art style. The game didn't last very long, releasing in 2018 and shutting down in 2020. However, the game still exists in Korea.

Wonderers: Eternal World

Wonderers Eternal

Wonderers Eternal World was tipped to be a cute MMORPG like MapleStory 2. We even participated in the Beta Test!

Unfortunately, it was shut down in February 2024 after being released officially only a month before! The game may make a return, with developer's saying they want to improve the game's core content.

Punch Monster MMO

Punch Monster was an MMORPG in development around the 2010 time. Unfortunately, it never made it to the west and has since been discontinued. It offered a 3D side-scrolling MMORPG experience similar to MapleStory. It closed down in 2012.

Other Games Like MapleStory Suggestions?



We've started a Twitter/X Thread to see if there are any other suggestions for new MapleStory MMORPG games we can add to this list!

If you want to also get involved, post a comment below with the game name and we'll check it out!


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