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MapleStory Universe Character Creation Event!

April 23, 2024

If you want to get a sneak peak into the world of MapleStory Universe, a new character creation competition has just opened up and you could win a mysterious prize!

Announcing on X, the official MapleStory Universe account posted a link to a new character creation tool, where you can try out some of the outfits and customization options for making your own MapleStory Character.

The MSU Dressroom allows you to create an image and download it. It is labeled as an "event" image with it's own special serial, but is unrelated to NFTs according to the website.

MSU Competition

The event lasts until April 25th (only 2 more days!) and if you share your newly created event image using the MSU Dressroom you have a chance to be featured on their X account.



The top 3 creations will be featured every 24 hours on the official MSU X account.

We're not sure if there is an additional reward yet, but we'll update this post as soon as the first winner's are announced!

Check out our terrible creation:

MapleStory Universe Character Event

What is MSU (MapleStory Universe)

MapleStory Universe is a special cryptocurrency-focused version of MapleStory that is set to release soon. It will feature a variety of tools from the MapleStory Worlds editor and also launch with a brand new version of the MMORPG MapleStory called MapleStory N.

In MapleStory N will play like the current MapleStory but will have a focus on blockchain technology. Items will be limited and able to be created into NFTs, allowing users to trade them over blockchains. This includes hunting for items and minting them on the blockchain, creating a brand new economy for the game.

We previously covered screenshots of the MapleStory Universe server selection screen and also connecting your wallet to MapleStory N.

Hopefully with this new competition it means the game isn't far from launching.

MapleStory Universe Alpha Test WHEN??

We'll cover it as soon as the news is announced but we've been seeing hints on X about the new MapleStory N Alpha.

User Keith from Nexspace (the head of strategy for MapleStoryU) mentioned a Points System related to Alpha Test.



Are you excited for MapleStory Universe?


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