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MapleStory Fest 2023 is back!

September 1, 2023

MapleStory's annual convention MapleStory Fest 2023 is coming back this October for fans of the MMORPG to visit. The convention will be hosted in LA River Studios in Los Angeles and you can purchase a ticket to attend now!

MapleStory Fest 2023 will begin on October 14th, 2023 and tickets cost $30.00 to attend. Like previous years, MapleStory Fest allows fans of the game to meet up at the convention hosted by Nexon where they can take part in fun activities, buy merch and get news first-hand on the latest announcements.

Tickets for this event usually sell out fast, so don't delay!

What can you expect from MapleStory Fest 2023?

MapleStory Fest 2023 will be similar to previous events where players and fans of the game can take part in MapleStory-themed activities.

You can check out our previous coverage of MapleStory Fest here:

When attending MapleStory Fest you'll usually be able to purchase MapleStory Merch. If you're not attending, you can also visit their online store, though stock of product is usually in short supply.

Other activities include:

  • Cosplay Competitions
  • Mini-Games
  • Photo Ops
  • Contests
  • Q&A with developers
  • Game Announcements

One of the big things to come out of MapleStory Fest is usually game announcements which detail upcoming updates for MapleStory Global, MapleStory M and other MapleStory products.

There has been no announcement of a livestream event for MapleStory Fest as of yet, but previous years this was always a feature. If there is one, you'll be able to catch it live on the MapleStory Twitch Website.

MapleStory N

Last year for MapleStory Fest 2022, MapleStory Worlds was announced, which allows players to use assets and tools from MapleStory's universe to create their own games. This also included an NFT version of MapleStory called MapleStory N, which has still not yet been released.

Perhaps we'll hear more announcements about this feature at MapleStory Fest 2023!



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